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Which Team Won in Outlast Season 1 and Grabbed a $1 Million Cash Prize?

Outlast is a brand-new reality game show about surviving that just came out on Netflix. It is based on the same-named survival horror game from 2013. The show is made by Grant Kahler, and the premise is that 16 people are dropped off in an Alaskan forest, and whoever makes it to the end wins a total of $1 million. The participants go through the most extreme conditions by using their own skills to deal with the harshest parts of nature. Who outlasted the 16 people who started the game and won the huge Jackpot prize of $1 million?

Who won Season 1 of Outlast on Netflix?

At the end of episode seven, both Team Alpha and Team Charlie were strong. Team Charlie tried to take Jill, who was arguably the strongest member of Team Alpha, but Justin left Team Alpha and joined Team Charlie.

Justin was picked on by Jill and Amber, and sometimes I thought they were going to leave him or make him leave camp. This was probably their downfall. Their mean behaviour and Justin’s craziness from not eating or sleeping led him to talk to Team Charlie and leave his group. Taking away their things and making team Alpha weaker

 Which Team Won in Outlast Season 1

But Team Alpha tricks Team Charlie into giving up on Justin. Justin has to use his flare and leave the game because of this. The smug looks on Amber and Jill’s faces make them more sure that they will win. It came down to a boys’ team vs. a girls’ team, and both teams were eager to win.

So who won in the end? After 36 days of hard work to stay alive, there is one last challenge that tests the teams’ loyalty and strength. Both teams are going to the same place, but the terrain is different, and it’s a race to the finish line.

Who Was in Team Charlie Camp?

Team Charlie was made up of Nick, Seth, Angie, and Angela at the start. In the first episode, Angela has to use her flare because she drank some dirty water and got very sick. This left three teams, and everyone thought they would be the worst. During one of the challenges, this team, led by Angie, showed that they were one of the strongest by building a raft and using the water currents to get to an island and get food.

 Which Team Won in Outlast Season 1

Then, in a dramatic turn, Paul from Delta camp left two of his members and joined Team Charlie. Angie had to leave because she was sick, so by the end of episode six, Team Charlie is made up of Nick, Seth, and Paul. Even though Paul made a mistake in the last challenge, they came back as a strong team and won.

Who Was in Alpha Camp Team?

Jill, Amber, Justin, and Lee were the first people on Team Alpha. Lee got sick and had to leave, so there were only three people on the team.

The scary team was Team Alpha. Some of their fans might even say they are bad to the core. Amber and Jill were like two peas in a pod during this competition, but you knew that Jill would backstab anyone to win, and maybe she would have if she had.

This team has caused trouble throughout the series, and while I liked their bad behaviour, I’m glad they didn’t win. Still, they should be very proud of what they did because they competed, played the game, and almost didn’t lose.

What Happened on Netflix’s Outlast Season 1?

Outlast’s rules said that each “lone wolf” had to stay with a team. No one could be kicked out, but if they were rejected by their pack and had no resources, they had to leave on their own. After being surrounded by wild animals in Alaska, they had to face a harsh winter.

Just a few days after she got there, Andrea got sick and had to leave the show. Tim and Corey then quit the show because they couldn’t stand being in such a cold place. Soon after Lee left the camp, Jordan passed out from hunger, so they both had to be taken out of the jungle.

Brian was upset that his campmates on team Alpha were stealing things from the Delta team, so he decided to leave the show. Then, Dawn and Joel left the contest for the same reason. After his team left, Javier tried to join Charlie’s camp, but he was turned down, so he had to quit. Because of bowel obstruction, Angie got sick and had to leave team Charlie.

Before he left team Alpha to join the Charlie team, Justin messed up their resources. Both clubs were very angry about this, so they turned him down. As a result, Justin went home alone.

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