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Which Song Played At the Beginning of She-Hulk Episode 7

Which Song Played At the Beginning of She-Hulk Episode 7

The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 7 shock ending is likely to have serious ramifications for Jennifer Walters in the future. While Jen spends most of this episode maturing and genuinely reuniting with her newer, greener half, the show concludes by revealing why She-new Hulk's beau (called Josh) decided to ghost her. Dark forces now have She-gamma-irradiated Hulk's blood, something Bruce Banner's Smart Hulk claimed couldn't happen.

After meeting Josh at a friend's wedding, Jen and Josh embark on a series of exciting outings before spending the night together at Jennifer's apartment in She-Hulk episode 7. She-Hulk, on the other hand, never heard back from Josh and became preoccupied with her phone, waiting for a text from the one person who appeared to adore Jennifer Walters more than her new alter persona as She-Hulk. However, it is soon revealed to the audience that it was all a ruse to allow Josh to approach her and collect her blood while she was sleeping.

Name of the Song Played Beginning of She-Hulk Episode 7

Now I'm In It” by HAIM is included at the opening of “She-Hulk” Episode 7. Since 2007, the rock band HAIM has been performing under the aliases Danielle Haim, Este Haim, and Alana Haim, as well as drummer Dash Hutton.

The words and tone of this song wonderfully describe the butterflies you get when you're about to go on a date with someone new. Jen has been coping with the crisis after the catastrophe, so it's refreshing to see her smiling. We witness her getting ready for a night out, and this is the first time viewers see Jen relax her guard.

Jen's mood is nicely matched with HAIM's song, which is bright and hopeful.

Jen chooses to make things more intimate after three successful dates, and the two spend the night together. Despite Jen's belief that they had a wonderful evening, Josh does not reply to her for several days. Jen grows increasingly concerned about what their affair implies before ultimately deleting his phone, but the episode ends with Josh revealing that he isn't who he claims to be. Josh is only a piece in a larger game.

He secretly collected a blood sample from Jen while she was sleeping before informing someone only known as “HulkKing.” Clearly, whoever is targeting Jen isn't hesitant to bend boundaries to acquire what they want.

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