Where to Watch ‘The Flash’ Season 9? Latest Updates 2023!

Is season 9 of The Flash available to stream, and how can I watch it? With the start of The Flash season 9, the Arrowverse appears to be in for some significant resolutions.

The DCU reboots itself into something more interconnected where TV shows and movies all create one coherent cinematic universe in the way of the MCU, and The Flash season 9 will also be the show’s final episode. Every The Flash fan will be watching Barry Allen’s final race with great curiosity because there won’t be a season 10 of the drama series.

Barry Allen’s stakes have never been higher than they will be in the dramatic The Flash season 8 finale, which will attempt to continue the plot. However, where can you watch The Flash season 9? Is the show available to stream?

What Is the Release Date for The Flash Season 9?

The CW’s The Flash season 9 made its American debut on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.


How to watch The Flash season 9

As per usual, UK fans will have to wait a little longer to watch the new episodes, which will necessitate some extra careful spoiler avoidance as the drama approaches its conclusion.

Where to Watch Season 9 of The Flash?

Netflix will have The Flash season 9 available for US viewers to watch online. Additionally, The CW’s terrestrial TV network is airing it live. Season 9 of The Flash will only have 13 episodes and premiere on February 8, 2023. It will air once a week.

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For viewers outside of the US, Amazon Prime lets you rent individual episodes from seasons 1 through 9 of The Flash.

The Flash Season 9 Streaming Guide

On February 8th, the first episode of season 9 of The Flash aired in the US. After that, each episode will show every Wednesday, with the series’ conclusion anticipated for May 10th.

Below is the whole expected release schedule:

  • Episode 1 – Wednesday Ever After – Wednesday 8th February
  • Episode 2 – Hear No Evil – Wednesday 15th February
  • Episode 3 – Rogues of War – Wednesday 22nd February
  • Episode 4 – TBC – Wednesday 1st March
  • Episode 5 – TBC – Wednesday 8th March
  • Episode 6 – TBC – Wednesday 15th March
  • Episode 7 – TBC – Wednesday 22nd March
  • Episode 8 – TBC – Wednesday 29th March
  • Episode 9 – TBC – Wednesday 5th April
  • Episode 10 – TBC – Wednesday 12th April
  • Episode 11 – TBC – Wednesday 19th April
  • Episode 11 – TBC – Wednesday 26th April
  • Episode 12 – TBC – Wednesday 3rd May
  • Episode 13 – TBC – Wednesday 10th May

What Will Happen in Season 9 of the Flash?

Given that season 9 of The Flash will be the show’s final season, expect a strong emphasis on wrapping up the narrative and leaving longtime viewers happy. One option to do this is to bring back Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, the thought-dead vigilante whose own solo show gave rise to this well-liked spin-off, and who is confirmed to guest star in the final season.

According to Stephen Amell on Instagram: “The ninth and last season of The Flash has me returning. Why? Nothing matters. How? Nothing matters. The Flash is coming to an end, stated Greg Berlanti when he called me. Would you like to?” I responded, “Yes! You’re not even required to finish your thought.”

How to watch The Flash season 9

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace previously told Deadline that the last episode would have a significant appearance from the new negative speed force avatar, which was hinted at in the season 8 finale and will be portrayed by Danielle Panabaker.

Barry and his squad will face more than just that dangerous adversary, though. Next year, we’ll face a number of formidable foes, Wallace added. “We’ll keep using the graphic book format. Since I honestly don’t know how many episodes I have, if I acquire enough, we’ll have three graphic novels, just like last year.

“If I receive less, I will behave accordingly. However, there will be at least two graphic novels, each featuring at least two distinct bad guys, one of whom is a throwback.” We may see two primary arcs rather than the trilogy Wallace had hoped for because The CW ultimately decided to commission a lesser batch of 13 episodes for the final season of The Flash.

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However, there won’t be only action. Wallace has also affirmed that there will be enough of romantic material for us to enjoy. He stated to Deadline: “Season 9 will have a lot more romance. This year, we made it a point to give all of our characters, even those who only appear in routine situations, a more emotional and human quality.

“Therefore, romance isn’t limited to Barry and Iris. It may be said of any of the characters. So expect the same suspense, thrills, and action that we’ve always had in previous seasons, but I’m delighted to announce that people also have a rom-com.”