Where Is the Monica Lewinsky’s Dress Now?

The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal maybe twenty years old, but it remains an interesting topic to study, and “Impeachment: American Crime Story” provides just that. Former White House intern-turned-anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky, who is now in her 30s, has given a popular TED presentation on the subject of shame.

Her position on the show is Executive Producer. The presence of Lewinsky and the absence of explicit sexual content are symptomatic of the changing societal atmosphere.

Sarah Burgess, the author of “Impeachment,” felt no need to emphasize the titillating portions of the work. In 1998, when “graphic sexual detail” was a headline, she told The Wrap that “it felt like…first and foremost, something that a large portion of the audience already knew.”

The renowned blue clothing is just briefly mentioned in the episodes. Therefore, where is the soiled blue dress from yesterday? How precisely did a woman’s attire nearly bring down a United States president?

Where Is the Monica Lewinsky’s Dress Now?

The Las Vegas Sensual Legacy Museum offered Lewinsky one million dollars for the garment in 2015. In May 2014, the museum offered her $250,000 for it after Lewinsky claimed in a Vanity Fair article, “Now is the moment to consume the beret and hide the blue dress.” Lewinsky didn’t take either offer.

According to the Washington Post, the Smithsonian Museum never intended to acquire the outfit. At that time, Lonnie Bundle, assistant chief of curatorial endeavors at the Museum of American History, stated, “I don’t believe you can compare a thing of mainstream society to one of historical significance in such a manner.”

Where Is the Monica Lewinsky's Dress Now

Pack continued by stating that neither the bullets that killed Abraham Lincoln nor the bloodstained garments that Martin Luther King Jr. wore at the time of his death are on exhibit at the museum. Perhaps Lewinsky and the creative team behind “Denunciation” are correct in claiming that now is the best moment to conceal the blue dress and that it was never the focus of the story.

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Who Is Monica Lewinsky?

Monica Lewinsky is an anti-bullying campaigner, author, and public speaker with a net worth of $1.5 million. She rose to fame in the mid-1990s when it was disclosed that she had an affair with then-President Bill Clinton. The affair led to Clinton’s impeachment and Monica’s rise to fame.

Since 2014, Lewinsky has become a #MeToo and anti-cyberbullying activist. In 1999, she co-wrote “Monica’s Story” with Andrew Morton and was paid a stunning $500,000 for it. Monica is the host of “Mr. Personality” on Fox and the designer of a successful handbag business.

What Was the Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal and the Notorious ‘Blue Dress’?

In 1995, Bill Clinton, then 49, and Monica Lewinsky, then 22 and a White House intern, began a sexual relationship. Lewinsky asserted that she had nine sexual encounters with the President until March 1997 and that First Lady Hillary Clinton was present for a portion of these. She confided in Linda Tripp, her colleague at the defense department who covertly taped telephone talks, about the relationship.

Tripp also convinced Monica not to wash the “blue dress,” which had devastating evidence in the form of a semen stain from Clinton. In 1998, the affair was initially revealed on the Drudge Report before reaching the mainstream news.

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Clinton was quick to dismiss the charges and even held a press conference at the White House alongside his wife to refute them. In July 1998, Lewinsky was granted complete witness immunity in exchange for her testimony to a grand jury regarding her relationship with Clinton.

A few weeks later, Clinton confirmed the affair in taped grand jury evidence, claiming he had “improper physical contact” with Lewinsky, and later issued a nationally televised statement.

Where Is the Monica Lewinsky's Dress Now

Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress From Her Trial Sold at Auction for $3,300.

Lewinsky owned the garment until her death in April at the age of 44; it became a symbol of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. In January 1998, Lewinsky wore a blue Gap size 4 dress during her “passionate” relationship with President Bill Clinton. The right side was discolored on one of the collars.

On Thursday, the most expensive object ever sold on Catawiki was auctioned off in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lewinsky’s mother, Marcia Lewis, sold it together with other items from her daughter’s life, including her Beverly Hills High School yearbook and family photos from 1993–1995, when Lewinsky was still living at home after graduating with a degree in psychology from Lewis & Clark College.

This Thursday, Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern whose affair with President Bill Clinton nearly brought down his administration, will make a rare public appearance to promote the charity of her choice.

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Lewinsky will commemorate her friend, designer Marc Jacobs, and his new collection with Louis Vuitton at this year’s amfAR Gala New York. She has attended similar meetings for a considerable amount of time. She has never previously discussed her attendance at this occasion in public.