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Where is Sharon Murphy Now? Has She Dated Her Son-in-law?

The story of Sharon Murphy and her late daughter Brittany Murphy is still a frightening read. HBO has aired a documentary that gives new insight into the circumstances behind Brittany Murphy’s death.

The conventional notion that Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia and a drug overdose lingers, however, the conclusion of the documentary revealed additional events that contributed to the unfortunate situation.

Furthermore, the fact that Sharon, Brittany’s mother, is at the center of it is incredibly intriguing. Where is Sharon Murphy at the moment? What transpired with her?

Where is Sharon Murphy now?

When Brittany’s relatives began to “battle” over her possessions, it made global news. Brittany excluded her husband from inheriting anything from her estate before to her death. The unknown is the reason why she did this. However, we do know that the pair argued, as couples always do.

However, following her death, her husband, Simon Monjack, assumed control of her finances. When Brittany had to sign tax paperwork, Simon once refused Murphy’s attorney access to her. The documentary proved that Monjack had some degree of power over Brittany while she was still alive.

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Who is Sharon Murphy?

Sharon, a successful entrepreneur, and interior designer was accustomed to living in the public glare, but she never sought to attain celebrity status.

What happened, Brittany Murphy? is an HBO documentary. Max was moved by the tragic demise of Brittany. Brittany’s mother Sharon will be featured prominently in a two-part documentary series.

Sharon Murphy, the mother of Brittany, called 911 after discovering her on the bathroom floor. Doctors pronounced Brittany deceased at the hospital. The coroner ruled that the actress passed away due to severe pneumonia, anaemia, and drug overdose. However, Sharon’s followers have long held that she was culpable for the demise of her daughter.

Where is Sharon Murphy Now? Has She Dated Her Son-in-law?

Brittany Murphy’s Sudden Death

Fans found it difficult to believe that Brittany, who was only 32 years old and had a promising career, could die of pneumonia at such a young age. Simon Monjack, her husband, died five months after her passing, which made everything considerably worse.

Considering that pneumonia was the reason for Monjack’s death, it became a topic of concern. Something seemed off. Angelo Bertolotti, the father of Brittany, had the same thoughts. This is why he requested a further investigation of the case by the police.

The elderly guy felt his daughter had been poisoned. Brittany’s mother surprisingly refused to allow her daughter to be inspected again. Fans believed the mother may have wanted closure, but a recent documentary revealed that Bertolotti may have been correct about foul play.

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Sharon Murphy Dated Her Son-in-law?

Following Brittany’s passing, rumors began to surface that Sharon was dating Simon Monjack. Even though the two adamantly denied this, the myth persisted. In an interview on the loss of Brittany, Simon Monjack referred to Sharon as a “baby.” Who calls his or her mother-in-law “baby”?

This increased the likelihood that something was taking place between the two. Adding further gasoline to the fire, the two people shared an apartment. She regarded the thought of having a romantic relationship with Monjack as ludicrous. She stated that they were merely close friends and that they had no romantic relationship.

Where is Sharon Murphy Now? Has She Dated Her Son-in-law?

Simon subsequently passed away in May 2010, five months later. Sharon was once again the one who found his body in his flat. According to the coroner’s findings, the cause of death was pneumonia and anaemia, the same as Britanny Murphy’s. However, this generated additional questions about Sharon’s involvement.

Is Sharon Murphy Under Investigation?

Brittany’s father was granted a media home in an interview; he indicated that he believed that certain things did not add up. Dr Cyril Wecht, a well-respected forensic pathologist, concurred with his findings.

However, the physician did not believe that Sharon Murphy was responsible for her daughter’s death. “I do not believe Sharon Murphy murdered her daughter and subsequently her son-in-law,” he stated. I have no faith in any of that. “Not,” the doctor stated in a statement.

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According to him, the pair had untreated health issues up until their deaths. So, why is Sharon Murphy currently the center of speculation? This question has not yet been addressed.