Where is Ray Rice Now? What is He Doing Now?

A year after guiding the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory, Ray Rice’s world collapsed. When a viral video emerged of him dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of a hotel elevator. TMZ revealed a video of Rice knocking down Janay Palmer some months later.

The Baltimore Ravens released their top running back, and the NFL has placed him on indefinite suspension. Rice’s supporters refused to accept that one of the most likable, humble, and charitable NFL players could have done such a horrific deed. On a technicality, Ray Rice’s appeal against his NFL ban was approved, but no club exhibited an interest in signing him.

Where is Ray Rice Now?

SB Nation asserts that Ray Rice coached the NFLPA collegiate bowl in 2016, marking his first return to the NFL since his suspension in 2014. According to Lohud, when Rice retired from the NFL, he went to his old high school in New Rochelle, New York, and volunteered for the football team.

In 2017, Rice was hired as the running backs coach for the New Rochelle Huguenots, one of the greatest high school football programs in the state. With the aid of Rice, New Rochelle went undefeated in football in 2019 and won the Class AA state title.

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What Is Ray Rice Doing Now?

According to Sb Nation, Ray Rice coached the Nflpa Collegiate Bowl in 2016 as his first NFL return after his 2014 suspension. Rice returned to New Rochelle, New York when his NFL career ended and volunteered with the football team at his former high school, according to Lohud.

Where is Ray Rice Now? What is He Doing Now?

This Was Following His Official NFL Retirement. Since being hired as the New Rochelle Huguenots’ running backs coach in 2017, Rice has been on staff for one of the state’s premier high school football programs. With Rice’s assistance, New Rochelle went 13-0 in 2019 and won the Class A State Football Championship.

Ray and Janay Wedded in Private

Ray and Janay wed in secret in March 2014, the day after Ray was indicted for a crime of the third degree. Three months later, the pair wed at the Four Seasons in Baltimore in front of family and friends. Janay defended Ray when TMZ released a video of him brutally assaulting her. She characterized the circumstance as grieving the loss of her closest friend. She went on:

No one is aware of the hardship created by the media and negative public opinion on my family. It is cruel to compel us every day to repeat a bad moment in our life. NOW, THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you understand? If your goal was to humiliate, degrade, isolate, and rob us of any joy, you have succeeded on so many levels.”

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Janay told CBS News’ Gayle King that she had never seen the footage of Ray abusing her. She added, “I do not need to experience it again to satisfy the world.” Janay claims that this was the first and only time Ray assaulted her physically.

Ray despises the character in the film and is grateful that he was given a second chance – not in football, but in a loving marriage with his wife. He said to CBS that he could not always understand why Janay had forgiven him.

Where is Ray Rice Now? What is He Doing Now?

Ray Rice Was an Excellent Running Back

Ray Rice was a little NFL running back, being just 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Despite his little stature, Rice excelled at Rutgers, where he set several rushing records and finished seventh in the 2006 Heisman Trophy voting.

Instead of completing his senior year at Rutgers, Rice entered the 2008 NFL Draft and signed with the Baltimore Ravens, joining former Miami Hurricanes star Willis Mc Ghee, who was also a former Heisman Trophy finalist.

It did not take long for Rice to attain professional influence. As a rookie, he carried the ball 107 times for an average of 4.2 yards while catching 33 passes before becoming the Ravens’ starting running back in 2009.

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From that point on, Ray Rice was a crucial weapon for both the running and passing games. Rice averaged 70 receptions for 610 yards each season from 2009 through 2012, while gaining over 1,000 yards every season on the ground.