Where is Parker Leverett Now? How Did He Become Famous?

The heroic efforts of 14-year-old Parker Leverett to be with his father have won the hearts of many. Due to the legislation, the boy was not authorized to go alone, and no one knows where he is as of 2023.

Parker Leverett won over the hearts and minds of people worldwide with this terrible 72-minute video. During the shooting, the actor lived with his father, Caleb Leverett, for around 2.5 months.

On August 19, 2013, in Ector County, Texas, Judge Denn Whalen ordered Parker to return to the house of his stepfather and stepmother. His family just migrated from Odessa, Texas, to San Antonio, Texas, nearly six hours away.

Parker had just fifteen minutes to say goodbye to his beloved family. A dreadful tearjerker was recorded on film. Parker, let’s evaluate how much time has passed from the event that happened four years ago and now.

Where is Parker Leverett now?

As the son of a YouTuber, Parker Leverett spent the majority of his youth online. His father has not shared any TV time with Caleb Leverett for several years. As of 2021, there have been no updates on him. We feel that he should be attending college this year. When he went viral at the age of 14, he was battling for his right.

Where is Parker Leverett Now? How Did He Become Famous?

Now that he is 18 years old, he is pursuing his studies. Facing several divorce disputes and often moving from his mother to his father and vice versa may have affected his mental health. We hope he is doing well and is as self-assured as when he stood up to his mother for justice.

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Who is Parker Leverett?

Parker Leverett was born to his parents in Odessa, Western Texas, according to the little information available about him. Since the 2013 video Parker posted indicates he is 14 years old, it is reasonable to assume he was born in 1999 and will be 24 years old in 2023.

Caleb Leverett is Parker’s father, and his mother, Samantha Denise Wimberly, is also from Odessa, Texas. Parker’s father is well-known online due to his countless YouTube videos. Early on, he broadcast his son’s life on his YouTube channel to familiarise him with cameras and comments.

Parker Leverett has three siblings: Hayden Leverett, Blaine Leverett, and London Leverett. Early in Parker’s youth, his parents divorced, and his mother won the custody fight. Parker and his siblings then moved home with their mother and stepfather.

Parker Leverett Family And Siblings

Caleb Leverett is the YouTuber and father of Parker Leverett. His family is fairly well-known on YouTube since they have appeared in a number of Caleb’s videos.

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The media deemed his mother to be a poisonous person, while his stepfather was an abuser. In the comment area of Caleb’s video, several individuals made the aforementioned assessments about his character. The majority of his approximately four siblings have not been introduced. We are familiar with his brother Brian.

Blaine was arrested when his mother called the police on him for possessing illegal self-copying equipment. I. Blaine was put against his will on a 72-hour mental hold on June 7, 2017. Before this episode, Blaine was bodyslammed by his stepfather, which drove him towards these issues.

Where is Parker Leverett Now? How Did He Become Famous?

How Did Parker Become Famous?

For protecting his rights, Parker Leverett received global notoriety. On May 26, 2013, he originally filmed and released a video on YouTube describing his supposedly violent relationship with his mother and stepfather.

Since he regarded the authorities to be useless, he finally chose to act on his own. The footage was filmed, uploaded, and made public with Parker Leverett’s agreement; nonetheless, it remained private until June 6, 2013. After Parker and his father confronted his stepfather (Jason May), who acknowledged to trespassing on Caleb Leverett’s land, they chose to alert the public.

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The events that followed following the dissemination of the video propelled Parker to fame. After witnessing the video, millions of internet users expressed compassion for his position. In addition, Parker’s mother was considered a careless mom who raised her children poorly. In addition, it seemed that Parker’s stepfather was a violent abuser who would attack without hesitation if provoked.