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Where is Nichol Kessinger Now? Are Nichol and Chris Live Together?

Chris Watts admitted in 2019 to murdering his pregnant wife Shanann Watts and their two kids Celeste and Bella in August 2018. The tale made national news, and Americans throughout the country were shocked.

Now, the killings are the focus of American Murder: The Family Next Door, a horrific new true crime documentary on Netflix. Chris, who was having an affair with his girlfriend Nichol Kessinger, killed Shanann and the couple’s kids because he wanted to start a new life with Nichol, as shown in the documentary.

Who is Nichol Kessinger?

Nichol Kessinger is a geologist who was working in the Anadarko Petroleum environmental department when she met Chris (he was then an operator at the same company). According to The Denver Post, the couple met in June of 2018 and began dating in early July of that year. Chris murdered his wife and two kids around one month later.

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Chris informed Nichol, according to her conversations with police, that he and Shanann had split and that he was nearing the conclusion of the divorce process. She said that she was unaware that Chris was still with Shanann and that they were expecting their third child.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now? Are Nichol and Chris Live Together?

She also told law enforcement that Chris informed her at the end of July that his divorce had been completed and requested her to help him locate a home for himself and his girls to reside in. And, as seen by the video footage of Nichol’s interview with the police, she said that she only learned the truth about her boyfriend’s marriage after the disappearance of his family.

According to papers produced by the Weld County District Attorney’s Office and acquired by People as part of the Watts investigation, Nichol’s internet history indicated that on July 24, 2018, she Googled the term “Man I’m having an affair with claims he will leave his wife.” On August 8, 2018, she also searched Google for terms connected to “marrying your mistress.”

Where Is Nichol Kessinger Now?

Since Chris Watts was jailed for killing his family, Nichol Kessinger has taken additional precautions to avoid the public eye. She gave her statement to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Due to the occurrence, she lost her job. She was helpful and she informed our business.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now? Are Nichol and Chris Live Together?

She feels she lost her job as a result of the incident, despite the fact that the incident did not seem to significantly impact the organization. The organization merely informed her that her contract had expired. According to Kessinger, the negative exposure she has will make it very difficult for her to obtain employment over the following decade.

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What Happened to Chris Watt’s Family?

On August 13, 2018, Christopher Watts killed his pregnant wife and their two young girls. He placed their remains in oil tanks in Anadarko, Colorado, where he was employed. Watts continued shifting his story until he ultimately admitted to murdering his wife after seeing her “smothering” his kids.

Later, he altered his tale once again, claiming that he murdered his wife because she suffocated his girls after he informed her he wanted to stop their relationship. He desired separation in order to be with Nichol Kessinger.