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Where is Harold Henthorn Now? Why Did He Kill His Wife?

Harold Henthorn was a killer who was cunning and manipulative. Based on evidence that he killed his first wife, Sandra ‘Lynn’ Henthorn, a jury found him guilty of killing his second wife, Toni Bertolet.

Authorities had declared Sandra’s death an accident, but when Harold performed the same technique with Toni, they recognised Harold for who he really was: a ruthless, avaricious killer.

Henthorn killed his wife for the purpose of inheriting their life insurance premiums. After Lynn’s death, he received $500,000 and intended to get a substantial amount of Toni’s $4.7 million life insurance claim.

However, Harold would not be able to enjoy the money, since prosecutors persuaded the jury of his guilt. The court imposed a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Who Is Harold Henthorn?

In 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit dismissed his claim that the jury was biased against him due to evidence on Lynn Henthorn’s strange death and Toni’s terrible accident the previous year. And in 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court chose not to consider the case, which gained extensive media attention due to programmes such as 48 Hours on CBS.

Where is Harold Henthorn Now? Why Did He Kill His Wife?

After the departure of his first wife, Harold remarried. After finding Dr Toni Jill Bertolet Henthorn online, he did so. Harold enticed Toni, an affluent optometrist who lived near her family in Mississippi, to go to Colorado with him.

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The couple’s only child, Haley, was born in 2005, and at first appearance, they seemed to be quite happy. Toni and her hiking buddy were in Rocky Mountain National Park on September 29, 2012, when Toni’s brother received a dreadful text message. When rescue officials arrived on the scene, Toni had already died after falling 140 feet, and Harold had already called 911.

Where is Harold Henthorn Now?

In Terre Haute, Indiana, Harold Henthorn resided in federal prison. He will likely not escape the federal prison system until his death. It seems improbable that Henthorn’s appeal of his trial or conviction would be successful since the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider his case.

In 2012, a federal jury found Harold guilty of shoving his second wife Toni over a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park. According to the prosecution, the $4.7 million in life insurance Henthorn purchased for his wife would have been paid out.

Where is Harold Henthorn Now? Why Did He Kill His Wife?

Harold entered a not-guilty plea and has always maintained his innocence. A jury found Henthorn guilty of murder in 2015 after around ten and a half hours of deliberation. According to prosecutors and police officers, Henthorn is also suspected of murdering his first wife, Lynn, who died in Douglas County in 1995 under unexplained circumstances.

Harold Henthorn Requested a Retrial

Harold requested a new trial, claiming that his attorney performed poorly. He said that he paid attorney Craig Truman over a million dollars, but that Truman “acted in his own self-interest and placed his personal financial benefit ahead of providing me with a decent defence.”

Henthorn said that Truman was a scam artist who was attempting to defraud him. Harold said that Truman prevented him from contributing to the defence strategy. In addition, Henthorn stated the following:

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“He was not working on my side and intentionally mislead me for his own financial benefit.” To be defended in a murder trial by someone who is dishonest or misleading for personal gain is neither right nor fair. Therefore, I am asking for a retrial with ethical legal counsel.” Harold’s application is his final opportunity since all of his previous appeals have been denied.