Where is Fred Now? Remember the Youtube Guy Fred?

It has been over a decade since Lucas Cruikshank’s Fred Figglehorn character made him the first YouTube celebrity. The squeaky-voiced character with anger management difficulties debuted in a Halloween-themed video in 2006; over the next few years, it would become the most subscribed YouTube channel at the time, leading to spin-offs such as a Nickelodeon television series.

Popular videos on the channel included “Fred goes swimming” and “Fred goes to the dentist.” Despite the simplicity of the premise of his videos, he amassed so many views that he was featured on iCarly in the episode “iMeet Fred.” Now that he’s retired, however, people are curious.

Where is Fred now?

Lucas is not currently working on any Fred-related projects. Even though the channel still has millions of subscribers, his last video was posted in 2012. But due to Fred’s success, the channel’s content was revived with new material. In 2014, he was revamped with films specifically aimed at children.

After the relaunch, Fred broadcast several distinct programmes. This most recent post is a continuation of the series “Questions My Parents Won’t Answer,” hosted by children.

The couples would approach strangers on the street and ask them questions that parents frequently find difficult to respond to their children. Such questions include “where do babies come from?” and “why do some people live in the park?”


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On the Fred channel, programmes such as “Kid Advice” and “The Substitute” were also broadcast. They were all unsuccessful, however. The final video was released on the Fred channel in 2014.

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Who is Fred?

Lucas Alan Cruikshank is a YouTuber and actor from the United States. Late in 2006, he developed the YouTube character Fred Figglehorn and the Fred series. Fred Figglehorn, a fictional six-year-old with “anger management issues” and a problematic household, is featured in these clips.

Lucas Alan Cruikshank was born on August 29, 1993, and he attended Columbus, Nebraska’s Lakeview High School. His biological parents are Molly Jeanne and David Alan Cruikshank. His sibling group comprises two brothers and five sisters.

What Is He Doing Now?

Today, Lucas has over 3.31 million subscribers to his YouTube account without Fred. This one focuses primarily on commentary and occasionally includes content about himself. He expresses his ideas and discusses celebrities and reality television. And he cannot resist but occasionally bring up his history with Fred.

In one of his videos, Lucas reads from his self-published book, Fred Figglehorn Hackin’ Awesome School Jokes. Lucas said that at this point in his career as Fred, he agreed to whatever proposal that was proposed, which is how the book was created.

Where is Fred Now? Remember the Youtube Guy Fred?

His channel contains replies to Fred’s content (videos, films, and the programme itself) as well as lengthy discussions of production procedures and other off-screen happenings.

Lucas described in videos how he had to memorise pages of lines at a time because his Nickelodeon show consisted solely of him speaking to the camera. In addition, he claimed that he was denied a teleprompter when he sought one from the company. Regarding the second Fred film, he reported that the director told him to see the first one since he “wasn’t Fred enough.”

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Except for the Fred channel, all films and television programmes are available for purchase on Amazon. And if you are seeking equipment, you may be in luck. Even though Lucas only sold a limited number of brand-new items, they are still being resold online. Given sufficient interest, he may repeat the action.