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Where is Elizabeth Lambert Now? What Happened With This Soccer Player?

Elizabeth Lambert is a woman who plays soccer. She earned the nickname “the ponytail girl” after receiving a suspension for tugging the hair of another player. As a result of the deed, she gained a great deal of notoriety; nevertheless, nothing is known about her nowadays.

After grovelling apologies to fans and BYU players, this piece will delve into what is happening with a former member of the Lobos. The collegiate soccer player’s hair-pulling conduct during a game gained tremendous views when the footage was uploaded to the internet.

Where is Elizabeth Lambert Now?

Since earning a suspension following the event, it has been a while since the college soccer player has been seen; she has been hidden in the shadows since then. Since the event, she has been permanently banned from any team activities, and her last Facebook post was on November 18, 2009.

On November 5, 2009, during a Mountain West Conference playoff game versus Brigham Young University, the player engaged in several unsportsmanlike conducts.

Her divisiveness arose from the time she pulled another player to the ground by his hair and elbowed him. Despite the several horrific situations on the pitch, she was only shown a yellow card for her behaviour.

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She became one of America’s most notorious athletes when a video of her horrific behaviour leaked and led to multiple disciplinary sanctions. The present whereabouts of Elizabeth Lambert are unclear, and she has not yet spoken publicly about her spouse or married life.

What Happened to Elizabeth Lambert?

Elizabeth Lambert is an American soccer player who once played for the New Mexico women’s soccer team. She was banned indefinitely for behaving like a psychopath during a game against Brigham Young University, when she was seen kicking, hitting, and even yanking her opponent’s hair. The virality of her video hurt her soccer career.

What is Elizabeth Lambert Doing Now?

Lambert’s position on the field for the New Mexico Lobos women’s team was defence. Her departure was a significant setback for the Lobos since she was one of the team’s leading players. Since her incident, she has made a public apology and asked for forgiveness. In the meanwhile, she cannot play since she is still prohibited.

The game was held against Brigham Young University in the Mountain West Conference. Throughout the relevant match, Lambert had been nothing short of aggressive. She was seen kicking, elbowing, and ultimately dragging down a player. She had simply earned a booking for her shenanigans at the time. Later, though, the consequences were more serious, preventing her from playing the game she loves.

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She is one of the most renowned female athletes in history. Due to her misconduct, she has faced multiple punishments. With the video becoming viral and being seen by so many soccer fans and players, it is possible to conclude that this has become a curse.

While extensive information about the player can be obtained online, the majority of which pertains to her career, she does not yet have a Wikipedia article. After the big game, a Bleacher Report article was published in which she became famous and earned attention. Since then, however, it has become basically obsolete.

Did Elizabeth Have Any Personal or Professional Scandals?

Because little information has been provided about the soccer player today, we do not know what she works for a living or anything about her personal life. This implies that she may or may not be the same sassy persona she was in 2009 when the incident for which she was banned happened.

Perhaps she has calmed down, grown up, and stopped causing problems at work and in her personal life. However, one might only speculate since she maintains a low profile.

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In reaction to the game, Lambert has garnered considerable popularity on Facebook, where she had been inactive. The latest activity seen on her account page occurred on November 18, 2009.