Where is Casey Anthony Now? Documentary Explained What She’s Doing Now


In 2008, Casey Anthony stood trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in Orange County, Florida. As details of Caylee's disappearance came to light, the nation watched as the media reported on the tragic case. Now, in her first on-screen interview since the trial, Casey Anthony recounts “her side of the tale” in Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, Peacock's latest true crime docuseries.

Where is Casey Anthony now?


Casey submitted paperwork to establish her own private investigative firm in South Florida in December 2020. A source told People in 2021 that she did not want to revive the inquiry into Caylee's death, despite widespread speculation to the contrary. The insider stated, “That chapter of her life is now closed.” She is not creating a business to obtain information on Caylee.

Where is Casey Anthony Now? Documentary Explained What She's Doing Now

Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC is registered to a West Palm Beach residence owned by Patrick McKenna, Casey's principal investigator on her defense team, according to People. As a convicted felon in Florida, Casey will be unable to obtain a private investigator's license, but according to sources, she “wants to aid other unfairly accused persons.”


What Happened in Casey Anthony's trial?

CNN reports that Caylee Anthony was last seen on June 16, 2008, but her parents did not report her missing until July 15, 2008, after learning that her car had been impounded and smelled a foul odor emanating from it.

Cindy dialed 911, and the next day, Anthony was arrested for child negligence, making false statements, and hindering the investigation because she lied to the authorities about where her daughter was.

Caylee's skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area near the Anthonys' house in Orlando on December 11, 2008, five months after law enforcement began searching for her.

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CNN claimed that a grand jury accused Anthony of capital murder two months earlier, in October 2008, after human remains were discovered in the trunk of her car. Anthony pleaded his innocence.

The trial started in May 2011. The prosecution stated that Anthony suffocated and rendered unconscious her daughter using chloroform and duct tape, then placed her body in the trunk of her car before disposing of it.

The defense maintained that Caylee drowned in the Anthonys' pool and that Casey's father, George, panicked and instructed Casey to cover up her death. The defense attorney for Anthony, Jose Baez, also claimed that George sexually abused Casey as a youngster. CNN reports that George disputed the charges.

A 12-person jury acquitted Casey of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child on July 5, 2011. She served time in prison after being convicted of four counts of submitting false information to police enforcement.

Who is Casey Anthony's Father?

The identity of Caylee's father has never been publicly proven, although a woman named Donna MacLean asserts that her late son Michael Duggan is the biological father with “100 percent certainty.”

According to the evidence, Casey frequently told her friends and relatives that her baby's father had died in a vehicle accident in 2007, as Michael did. Donna told The Daily Beast that he was living in Tennessee and working for a moving company when Caylee was conceived. He traveled throughout the region transporting home goods.

Donna apparently learned about Caylee during a phone chat with her son a few months before he passed away. “We were discussing the impending birth of my other son's son. Michael informed me that he already had a granddaughter after I stated that I had wished for one very much “She was generous.

Sadly, regardless of what anyone says, nothing can alter the fact that a beautiful little girl tragically perished.

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How long was Casey Anthony imprisoned?

Although Casey was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, she was not immediately released from prison. She was convicted of four charges of supplying false information to police authorities and sentenced to four years in jail.