Where is Brock Turner Now? What Happened With Chanel Miller?

In 2015, Brock Turner gained worldwide recognition when he was caught sexually assaulting Chanel Miller (referred to in court filings as “Emily Doe”) while she was unconscious on the Stanford University campus, where Brock was a 19-year-old student-athlete.

Thankfully, two graduate students intervened and restrained him until the police came. Brock Allen Turner’s criminal case, technically titled People of the State of California vs. Brock Allen Turner, received worldwide attention.

Who is Brock Turner?

Brock Allen Turner was born in Dayton, Ohio, on August 1, 1995. He attended Oakwood High School and won a swimming scholarship to Stanford University before his arrest. It was not the case.

Brock took drugs and alcohol in high school and at Stanford, according to reports. Photos on his phone revealed that he often used LSD, ecstasy, marijuana, and alcohol. In 2014, he was arrested for underage possession of alcohol.

The arrest of Brock happened on January 18, 2015. Earlier that evening, he and Chanel met at a Kappa Alpha fraternity gathering. Chanel informed the authorities that she was never alone with a man at night and that she had never agreed to sexual activity, even if she could not recollect anything that occurred after midnight. At 1:00 a.m., two students passing by the fraternity saw Brock on top of an unconscious woman behind a garbage can and intervened.

Where is Brock Turner Now? What Happened With Chanel Miller?

Brock secured a $150,000 bail and was released the next day. Two days after resigning from Stanford, he was expelled. Brock’s exclusion from campus is Stanford’s worst sanction. After his arrest, Brock was barred from participating in any competitive swimming event in the United States, including the Olympics, in which he desired to participate. He attempted to join the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swim Team but was disqualified due to their zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct.

Where is Brock Turner Now?

Now, in 2022, Turner continues to reside in Ohio, where women use social media to warn one another about his whereabouts. The VICE signal strengthened a network of women who use Turner’s record as a registered sex offender to protect one other.

“Brock Turner now resides in the Dayton, Ohio region. He frequents bars in the neighborhood “one Facebook post read. “Do not let him go with a drunk lady. Inform the females of his identity. Inform the bartender and doormen. Brock Turner has no business being in public.”

On TikTok, variants of this message are also present. “Everyone should be on high alert,” said one user. VICE was unable to corroborate Turner’s bad habits, but noted that “as long as there have been guys who transgress boundaries, women have cautioned one another to avoid them.” Chanel Miller, one of Turner’s victims, finally through her recovery process.

Where is Brock Turner Now? What Happened With Chanel Miller?

What is Chanel Miller Doing Now?

Chanel, age 27, started writing her book in September 2019, one year after receiving a reduced sentence. According to The Atlantic, Know My Name: A Memoir “converts the continual trauma of sexual assault into writing.”

The head editor of Viking Books, Andrea Schulz, told The New York Times that it is one of the most significant books she has ever published. She noted that it could “transform the society in which we live and our presumptions about what survivors must endure getting justice.”

In August 2020, four years after the incident that would permanently alter Chanel’s life, she discovered something else to restore her soul. She rediscovered the long-lost pleasure of sketching. Chanel noted in an interview with The New York Times that it was “a means for [her] to see that [she] was still there before [she] returned to a darker realm.”

During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco presented some of her work in a contemporary-art room with glass walls that were visible from the street. This specific work was a 75-foot-long mural depicting themes of personal suffering and recovery.