Where is Annabelle Doll Now? A Haunted Annabelle Doll Escapes a Museum

Long has the Annabelle doll been shrouded in mystery by macabre and occult enthusiasts. Since ‘The Conjuring‘ film trilogy introduced the Annabelle doll to audiences, its notoriety has reached unanticipated heights. It is a Raggedy Ann doll, which is rumored to be possessed by an evil spirit, in case you’re unaware of the eerie history of this toy.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators, had kept Annabelle in a glass cage for so long, as depicted in the movies. Lorraine stated that the priest’s blessings serve the same purpose as an electric dog fence in keeping Annabelle confined to the case.

Where is the Real Annabelle doll?

For many years, the real Annabelle doll resided at Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut. It resided in a wooden box with a lock. On the box was a warning that viewers should not touch it. Unfortunately, the museum had to close due to zoning restrictions. He was transported to Ed and Lorraine’s home in Monroe.

In August 2020, it was rumored that the actual Annabelle doll had vanished from the Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut, causing a stir on social media. However, it did not escape and remains imprisoned. Warner Bros. really created a video depicting its quarantine actions during that month.

Where is Annabelle Doll Now? A Haunted Annabelle Doll Escapes a Museum

Tony Spera, the Warrens’ son-in-law who manages the property, told everyone that he had installed extremely advanced security measures. The cameras and alarm systems would notify him immediately if anything went wrong. He also released a video of himself standing next to the doll on exhibit, confirming that she belonged there.

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Is Annabelle based on a True Story?

Is Annabelle real? If you have seen the horror film The Conjuring: Annabelle, this is the question you should be asking yourself the most. Well, the film is based on an actual event. According to the legend, it was a birthday gift to a young nurse called Donna from her mother.

Donna transported it back to her apartment, which she shared with Angie, since she was overjoyed. They placed the doll in a sitting position on the sofa in their living room, believing it to be an average tattered doll. However, the two nurses observed that the creature was roaming throughout the home.

In addition, the nurses began to discover weird notes left in their apartment. The notes were composed on parchment paper, which was unavailable at their residence. After a few odd occurrences involving the doll, a psychic medium informed the nurses that it was possessed by a demon.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, were contacted and confirmed that it was really possessed by demons. After acquiring the doll, the Warrens reported a number of more paranormal encounters. On their drive home from the nurses’ residence, their car’s brakes repeatedly failed, nearly causing a collision.

Where is Annabelle Doll Now? A Haunted Annabelle Doll Escapes a Museum

The condition subsided after the doll was treated with Holy Water. Even when kept in a locked office in an outbuilding, the Warrens asserted that the object would appear in their home. Therefore, they decided to lock it up permanently. The Lord’s Prayer and Saint Michael’s Prayer were engraved on a particular wooden box that was built.

Since the 1970s, the Warrens and now Spera have maintained custody of the Annabelle doll. It is not a toy and continues to be as hazardous. Lorraine recalled an earlier event in which a man had mockingly struck Annabelle’s glass case.

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Due to their antics, he and his girlfriend were forced to leave the museum; nonetheless, he eventually perished in a fatal bicycle accident. The girlfriend indicated that they were joking at the time over the doll. Thus, it is fortunate that Annabelle remains contained under Spera’s cautious eye, as the year 2020 does not require the release of a malicious doll.