Where is Allan Gore Now? Look Into His Personal Life

Since its release on Hulu’s streaming service in the United States on May 9, 2022, Candy, a true-crime docuseries, has been the talk of the town. It was all about the murder of Betty Gore, a housewife. The young woman was murdered by Candace Montgomery, who struck her 41 times with a large axe. The series depicts the motive for Montgomery’s murder of Betty, as well as her relationship with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore.

In 1980, Montgomery went to Betty’s house to get a swimsuit; nevertheless, their conversation regarding Montgomery’s connection with Allan resulted in a masquerade. Montgomery reportedly acknowledged that she had an affair with him but maintained that they discontinued it shortly thereafter. Then, though, Betty apparently grabbed the axe.

Where Is Allan Gore Now?

As soon as Betty passed away, Alan married another woman and left Texas. Additionally, he lost custody of Bethany and Alisa to Bety’s parents.

Supposedly, he lost contact with his beloved daughters, but they were later reconciled. Allan then relocated to Florida and settled there. Since he preferred to maintain a low profile, no additional information is available on Allan.

Where is Allan Gore Now? Look Into His Personal Life

Who is Allan Gore?

Allan Gore was a family guy who relocated to Wylie, Texas with his wife Betty, and their two children, Bethany and Alisa. Allan Gore is the infamous ex-husband of Betty Gore, who was murdered by his lover.

Allan met Betty at the Kansas college where he was working as a teaching assistant. Later, he relocated to Texas. Despite appearances, the couple’s relationship was suffering from boredom and adultery. Allan and Betty attempted to remain together despite the circumstances, as they did not believe in divorce and were also devout Christians.

What Happened To Betty Gore, Ex-Wife of Allan?

In the documentary series Candy on Hulu, a Texas stay-at-home mother was brutally murdered by a woman claiming to be her “friend,” Montgomery, who had an extramarital affair with Betty Gore’s husband, Allan Gore.

The series was inspired by a bloody episode from the 1980s, which was also described in the 1984 book “Evidence of Love.” The series began on the fateful night of June 13, 1980, when Montgomery confronted Betty about her filthy relationship with Alan.

According to the novel, Allan and Betty were bored with their relationship, which was caused by his frequent business trips that weakened their closeness. During this time, Candy Montgomery and her husband Pat were living a much more luxurious lifestyle in Texas city. However, she was equally bored due to her routine lifestyle. She met Allan at a neighboring volleyball game and believed immediately that he could make her life more exciting.

When she approached him, he agreed without hesitation that their connection would be strictly sexual and non-romantic. However, they gradually abandoned their agreement and grew more comfortable with one another.

In addition to the fact that Betty was pregnant, they chose to stop their relationship when they saw things were not proceeding according to their goals. After her delivery, the couple reunited, but Montgomery began to feel that the relationship had lost its spark. Allan eventually realized his error and resolved to repent and rebuild his relationship with Betty.

Where is Allan Gore Now? Look Into His Personal Life

Candy Montgomery went to Betty’s house on June 13, 1980, to retrieve Alisa’s swimsuit, as Alisa was staying at Montgomery’s residence. Allan was in Minnesota on that specific day for a business meeting.

According to Montgomery’s court statement, Betty conversed with her informally before asking about her connection with Allan. Montgomery agreed but disclosed that it was in the past and no longer relevant. She then claimed Betty had gone outside and returned with an axe.

Accordingly, Betty instructed her to cease visiting her husband and to return to Alisa by the next day. But that was not the end; Betty then got red and struck Montgomery.

Betty allegedly continued to drag Montgomery inside despite her attempts to flee, and at one point she uttered “Shhh,” which triggered Montgomery’s childhood anxiety due to her mother’s abuse. She attacked her 41 times with a big axe out of provoked rage and admitted her actions before a recognized court.

Montgomery was not imprisoned once it was proven that she committed the crime in her subconscious mind. The court ruled that she had to kill Betty in self-defense.