When Will The Fictional Series ‘Madam Secretary’ Season 7

Humanity Prize and American Cinema Editors Awards [2015] nominee for Best Edited One-Hour Series for Commercial Television, Madam Secretary was a political drama that premiered on the CBS network in 2014.

The show was celebrated for its reasonable take on the inner functioning of the U.S. government. Although the story is fictional, it gives us a real-time view of how a female Secretary of State balances her private and professional life. She becomes Secretary of State and brought some definite motivation from Hillary Clinton, who held the role in practical life a few years earlier.

McCord ultimately declared her run for the Oval Office in the final moments of season 6. However, Secretary Elizabeth McCord was very much on her character, and experts praised and hailed Téa Leoni’s awesome performance in the show. Consequently, it came as no wonder that the CBS network revived the show for its sixth edition in Oct 2019.

'Madam Secretary' Season 7

Now, season 6 has also ended. The viewers’ choice nominee Madam Secretary‘s viewers are still expecting to get season 7 from the makers.

Plot: What we can expect from ‘Madam Secretary season 7’?

The plot of this political drama series ‘Madam Secretary’ does spins around the central character of the series Secretary Elizabeth McCord as we have seen in the previous seasons. I will epitomize you about the series in a season-wise manner here.

The first season shows us the engagement of Elizabeth McCord as the Secretary of States in the US Parliament from a CIA Analyst. She started a new journey in her career. In the second season, we saw how Elizabeth was handling her role in a combination of several administrative and personal concerns.

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The third season added trouble concerning Russia and the USA governments acquires its way to Elizabeth and her crew. In the fourth season, Elizabeth found herself amid the plot; she made some moves to clear her name. With the lots of obstacles in the fifth and sixth seasons, which makes our main heroine more powerful than she ever existed, Elizabeth then became the President of the United States of America.

In Madam Secretary Season 7, we could see how she upholds the position and faces the challenges raised while been seated on the chair. But the fact is we can only assume that what could happen as we don’t have any definite data from the makers and network. Therefore, we should keep our faith in the makers and the series that it shall again glorify the loving character and also entertain the viewers.

The Main Cast of ‘Madam Secretary season 7’?

Who is in it?

If you ask me to explain the cast with a particular word, then I will pick the word “classic”. The characters are an excellent fit for the artists. We see Téa Leone performing the heavy role of Elizabeth Adams McCord aka Bess and Tim Daly playing the role of Henry McCord.

At the same time, Bebe Neuwirth performed the role of Bebe Neuwirth, Željko Ivanek performed the role of Russell Jackson, Erich Bergen performed the role of Blake Moran, and Patina Miller performed the role of Daisy Grant. Evan Roe, Keith Carradine, Sebastian Arcelus, and Kevin Rahm have also shown up as Jason McCord, Conrad Dalton, Jay Whitman, and Michael Barrow.

'Madam Secretary' Season 7

This is the cast of Madam Secretary till season 6, and peoples are admiring this cast also. Thus the makers would not offend the viewers. Hence we can see the same cast in the Madam Secretary Season 7.

Rating got by the series Madam Secretary Season 7.

From the standard website references of the assumed rating authorities of movies and series to understand the series and it also supports watchers to let them provide the sound stuff. The series Madam Secretary Season 6 got a 7.6 rating by IMDb rating. So we can also expect that Madam Secretary Season 7 would also get a similar rating which is a positive sign for the viewers.

Release Date of Madam Secretary Season 7.

From 2014 to 2019, Madam Secretary never disappointed their fans, when every season of the series got approval for the role-playing as well as judgment for the storyline doesn’t make it to end like this. To make it obvious, Madam Secretary Season 7 got canceled by its CBS network. But fans were not willing for it to end too soon and they are still hoping to get more of their heroine Elizabeth Adam McCord.

Tea Leoni, a crew member, twitted to display her gratitude for steering the season 6 finish. She wrote: “The last episode of #MadamSecretary airs tonight. My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who watched our show, for your incredible generosity and enthusiasm, it has been an honor to make it for you.”

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Main Reason Behind The Closer of The series after season 6.

There is nothing frank about the reasons for abandonment because the request for the show and season 7 of the Madam Secretary was quite decent till its very end. We feel that the show finished because the story was completed. I mean, what do you people presume? Elizabeth made it to the President’s position to the oval office from the position of a CIA Analyst, isn’t it a proper completion for you? What else can we ask for and except for this fact the only reason I can think of is that the CBS network did not want to drag it on and make it lose its maintained reliability.

'Madam Secretary' Season 7

Where would we watch Madam Secretary Season 7?

Netflix network is the original streaming platform of the series Madam Secretary Season 6. You can stream the seventh season of Madam Secretary on Amazon prime as well as Netflix hoping to be available in both.


Madam Secretary Season 7, has produced so much comfort, amusement, and love to so many people. There’s nothing more I want to add with such amazing and positive things. She and her other characters’ members would become the ideal option. If any other online streaming network could pick up the show and continue the series even after season 6, we can enjoy the Madam Secretary Season 7 also. Bergen, a crew member of this series, has shared a screenshot of his email, inviting him for the last version with casting and producers. Executive producer and finale director Eric Stoltz posted on his Instagram handle on November 7, 2019, saying, “all things must relinquish.”

The news comes as a disappointment but we have to accept it. ‘Madam Secretary’ season 7 is offset currently and the CBS network has no intention of doing any further seasons as suggested by some report.

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