Fall in Love with “when Calls the Heart Season 7”: Cast, Plot and Faqs.

If you name a Canadian-American Drama Series then, there are few that will come into your mind but if you haven’t watched “When Calls the Heart (Season 7)”, You must go for it. 

Today, in this article, I will tell you about the series and you could feel it but to take full fun of it, watching this series will be the better option.

In this series, you can see Interesting Family dramas and this series will keep you hooked. 

  • When Calls the Heart is based on a Canadian-American television drama series.
  • It was inspired by Janette Oke‘s book of the same name from her Canadian West series.
  • It was developed by Michael Landon Jr.
  • It has 8 seasons and 83 episodes.
  • There are two original networks :-Hallmark Channel (U.S) and Super Channel (Canada).
  • The original release of the series is January 11, 2014 – Present.

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Does when Calls the Heart Follow the Books?

Yes the show is based on a book series that was initially released in the 80s-These series goes as follows:

  • When Calls the Heart in 1983, 
  • When Comes the Spring in 1985, 
  • When Breaks the Dawn in 1985, 
  • When Hope Springs New in 1986, 
  • Beyond the Gathering Storm in 1999, and 
  • When Tomorrow Comes in 2000, being the installment of the book series.

Storyline of “when Calls the Heart” Season 7

When Calls the Heart Season 7

In season 7 of this series, Lucas confessed his true feelings for the widowed teacher. He decided to take her to Virginia Woolf. There he had arranged a beautiful romantic dinner with her at a library. But sometimes he gets over control just like that time when he decided on his own to send Elizabeth’s work to an editor. Where he should have asked for her permission as it’s her work.

In the series, it is seen that Lucas and Nathan both have romantic feelings for Elizabeth. But Nathan on the other side has difficulties in expressing his love to her. He many times shows like he loves her but many times he expresses it in a very different form. Just like in the show, when Elizabeth got into trouble with a student, Nathan went to rescue and instead of love and care, he got angry and yelled at her. 

Somehow, until the end, he expressed his feelings for her and asked for a date. She agreed. But before date, during a transfer process of a prisoner, there was an incident which led Elizabeth believing that Nathan was killed and is no more. But soon she realized that he was alive and ran towards him to hug him. Lucas was present there to witness the actions. 

If you want to know further, watch “When Calls the Heart” Season 7 on Hallmark Channel.

Who All Are Cast in the “when Calls the Heart Season 7” ?

When Calls the Heart Season 7

These are the casting members of Season 7 as given below. 

  • Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton)
  • Kevin McGarry (Nathan Grant)
  • Chris McNally (Lucas Bouchard)
  • Martin Cummings (Henry Gowen)
  • Pascale Hutton, (Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter)
  • Kavan Smith (Leland “Lee” Coulter)

Other Cast

  • Jack Wagner (Bill Avery)
  • Paul Greene (Dr. Carson Shepherd)
  • Andrea Brooks (Faith Carter)
  • Aren Buchholz (Jesse Flynn)
  • Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller)

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When Calls the Heart/Season 7/Episode List

When Calls the Heart Season 7

Here is the list of the episodes of When Calls the Heart(Season 7) which is mentioned below.

     Episode no.     Episode Name               Ratings

    1. E01 –           A Moving Picture               8.2/10
    2. E02 –          The Heart of a Father         8.1/10
    3. E03 –           Family Matters                  8.1/10
    4. E04 –           Sweet and Sour                8.4/10
    5. E05 –           An unexpected gift            8.5/10
    6. E06 –           In Perfect Unity                8.4/10
    7. E07 –           Heart of a writer               7.9/10
    8. E08 –           Into the Woods                 8.3/10
    9. E09 –           New Possibilities               8/10
    10. E10 –           Don’t Go                         8.7/10  (Highest Rating)

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Faqs Related to “when Calls the Heart” (Season 7)

When Calls the Heart Season 7 Release Date?

The premiere date of season 7  of When Calls the Heart was February 23 2020. It premiered  on Hallmark Channel, after the show When Hope Calls premiered on the channel.

Is Season 7 of when Calls the Heart on Netflix?

Earlier the initial 5 seasons were available on Netflix for this show but they have been removed from Netflix. Also, Netflix has confirmed that the next 2 seasons, i.e. sixth and seventh season will also not be available on Netflix to watch for the fans. 

How Can I Watch “when Calls the Heart” Season 7?

After the removal of the show from Netflix, now the show and all the seasons are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, iTunes, Vudu, and the Microsoft Store.

When Calls the Heart Season 7

How Can I Watch “when Calls the Heart” Season 7 for Free?

In case, one wants to watch the current season, i.e. Season 7 for free, you can watch it on Hallmark Movies which is now Amazon Channel and on DIRECTV

Apart from this, if one wants to watch the current season or the previous seasons of this show, they need to buy it on Google Play Movies, Vudu, Apple iTunes, Microsoft Store and Amazon Prime Video.

Is Jack Coming Back in “when Calls the Heart” Season 7?

It doesn’t seem possible! As Daniel Lissing’s contract has not been renewed as the character,Jack Thornton, Thus, the character in the show has been removed. Therefore the story created between Jack and Elizabeth has reached its end. It will not be continued further.

Is There a when Calls the Heart Side Project Series?

Yes, The series has added a side project, When Hope Calls. Viewers can watch it on The Hallmark movies Now just like When Calls the Heart is premiered on.

When Hope Calls, is the show about Lillian and Grace, who are two sisters. They drew apart when they were kids as their parents died when they were young. Lillian was accepted for adoption, while Grace was still in child care till her maturity.soon, they both rejoin after maturity and wish to open an orphanage for others to join. 

Final Words :

Let’s sign off with other drama series . One of my parts in the series is when Clara got married to Jesse . But we want to see the description of Season 8 to know that they are still looking for the rhythm of their married life.

Season 8 of “When Calls the Heart” is also available on Hallmark Channel and it premiered on February 21,2021

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