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WhatsApp is in talk recently because of its privacy scheme which they have changed because of all the hype and peer pressure. The number of users in WhatsApp are over the billions and everyone uses it as a way to send messages, videos and photos. Due to all these popularity how can we not expect the platform to have anything else. The scams are popular in WhatsApp and the reason is because WhatsApp has a wide range of users with all the ages from a small kid to an old age people. At this, it is easy to make them feel and trap them in a scam. In this article, we’re going to talk about these scams and how you can prevent yourself from them. 

Read this article till the end to have each and exact knowledge about this article. Let’s began 

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The first and foremost scam on WhatsApp is Valentine’s day scam. You know, that valentine’s day is just a few steps away from us and during this time it is the top most priority of the scammers to come out. If you are also planning to celebrate your Valentine’s day with your love then don’t forget to read the next section otherwise you’ll be in danger. 

Valentine’s day Scam – What is it?

The 14th February is known to be a day to celebrate love. In all those romantic and sweet moments you might get a lot of messages from your partner. Who don’t love all the sweet Valentine’s day greeting in the morning. You may get messages from your single friends and family. But there might be one more message which is unexpected to you? 

whatsapp valentine scam

This message is lately circulating in the WhatsApp and people are happy to receive this Valentine’s day Hotel ticket, I mean who will not they are from TAJ HOTEL. As soon as you open the message you have to play some game and in the last they will ask you to forward these messages to other 20 people and so on but don’t. The official TAJ HOTEL account posted a tweet on twitter about this issue. 

The Tweet says –

It has come to our notice that a website has been promoting a Valentine’s Day initiative, offering a Taj Experiences Gift Card via WhatsApp. We would like to inform you that Taj Hotels/IHCL has not offered any such promotion. We request to take note of this and exercise due caution”.

official tweet from taj hotel

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How to get rid of these messages? 

whatsapp scam

Now, if you have already transferred this message to another then share this article to all your contacts and let them know about this fraud scam message. You might get several calls or SMS through unknown numbers which will ask for OTP but don’t fall in their trap

The WhatsApp official company has released several Points to identify scam messages. There are four warnings for the user that will help you to not fall in this trap. 

  • Whenever you get a fake message, the message will always ask you to affiliate through the official company like WhatsApp or Taj hotel (in above case)
  • The fake message will always ask you to forward the particular SMS to several groups of people. 
  • While reading the message, it will include things like if you’ll forward this message you can avoid the punishment or you’ll easily get rid of a particular thing which we all know isn’t possible. 
  • The fake message will always tell you about gifts and rewards. The reward will be the things which are currently in trend like iPhone 12 pro max or bike. 


The fake messages in WhatsApp are not new, they are circulating on them since the time we don’t even know. As the platform started to gain more attention and more users worldwide, the number of scammers also increased significantly. We have just posted about Valentine’s day scam because it is now circulating but there are other scams too. I will recommend you to never share your bank details, OTP and Aadhar number to anyone. Tell about this scams to your parents, family and relatives because this class is more attacked. 

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