What You Should Know About Bitcoin Roulette

Today, there is no such person who has not heard about cryptocurrency at least once. This is a modern means of payment that allows you to make payments for goods and services, and to carry out other transactions. Given such popularity, crypto money, along with fiat currency, is widely used in the gambling industry. Bitcoin and other crypto coins are one of the payment methods in online casinos.

Why Should You Try to Play in Bitcoin Casino?

It is safe to play in a bitcoin casino because the client’s money belongs only to him. There is no blocking of the client’s account if there are problems with the bank account since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not depend on the work of banks or other financial institutions. Each owner of crypto-coins has the opportunity to make a micro bet thanks to the ability to divide this coin into 100 million tokens. For example, Bitcoin roulette allows you to risk only small amounts.

The Most Profitable Types of Roulettes

Currently, the most widespread are three types:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American.

Each has its characteristics, although the meaning of this game in all three cases is absolutely the same. However, the number of “zero” sectors, as well as the presence or absence of the La Partage rule, should be recognized as a key feature of all types of this gambling.

The European and French versions have only one “zero”, while the American one has two. As for the La Partage rule, it only applies to French roulette, where the player gets half of the bet back in the event of a “zero”.

All differences in the rules provide the casino with a different advantage over the player:

  • in the American – 5.26%;
  • in European – 2.7%;
  • in French – 1.35%.

That is why the French version is the least popular among online casino operators. Nevertheless, if you set out to find a gambling establishment with this type of roulettes, then you will find a lot of them.

Are There Any Favourable Betting Conditions?

One of the main differences between roulette and several other games is that any bet does not affect the house edge in any way, which remains unchanged. It will remain so even if any betting system is applied.

Most of the players prefer, first of all, the French version, where the house edge is reduced from 2.7% to 1.35% when playing by chance. When playing the American version, bets on five numbers that include both zero sectors should be avoided. The payout ratio for them is 6:1 with a house edge of 7.89%.

Should Any Betting System Be Used?

Due to their warnings or willingness to create comfortable playing conditions, many players prefer to use betting systems. In fairness, it is worth noting that all of them will bring only variety to the game, without carrying any practical benefit. Betting systems do not have any effect on the advantage of the casino.

The only thing is to avoid paid game strategies because they do not take into account the features of a particular type of this gambling. Therefore, they should be treated as nothing more than recommendations that can be heeded, but not blindly followed.

Live Roulettes

Today, games with live dealers are very popular among virtual casino customers. Spinning the roulette wheel in real-time, and communicating via video link with a real croupier, the player can feel the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment as much as possible.

In addition, the player does not even have to leave his cosy home, he just needs to start playing with live dealers on his computer or phone.

Also, honesty should be attributed to the advantages of this live game, since the entire gameplay is visible, and you are not playing with a computer, the ball at the table is launched by a real person — the dealer with whom, by the way, you can communicate through a special online chat.

Roulette is considered a suitable game for people with a mathematical mindset, then, in addition to luck, an accurate calculation can help win. After all, the principle of falling out of numbers can be summed up under a mathematical formula, although, of course, it is not easy to calculate the result completely. However, the game itself is simple and open.