What To Do If Casinos Harm You?


The gambling Industry has developed tremendously over the past few years. People gamble for multiple reasons and it is moderately not a problem if not overdone. Then it can be harmful to our mental health. People gamble for the high adrenaline rush, buzz, and the competitive element that comes with it. The risk undertaking. Some people feel that there is no safe gambling, while some say that it can only be safe if one has his own set of rules to avoid overspending and bankruptcy.

One should have a specific amount and time constraint while gambling. For most punters, gambling tends to be harmless. However, for the rest of them, gambling causes major harm to them and is like an addiction. A compulsive gambler is one who spends more money on gambling than he can afford which leads to debts and personal problems. To come out of such a situation, one needs time and patience and must ask for help or admit to his problem. Only then can this problem be solved.


Get GamCare Support

GamCare is a charity founded in 1997 in the UK. It is the leading provider of information, support for problem gamblers or people who have had an impact due to gambling in their family circle. GamCare is an ideal platform for the people who are harmed by casinos as it promotes safe gambling standards and societal responsibility.

It operates the National Gambling Helpline and also provides online resources and a face-to-face help desk for people in Scotland, Wales, and England. GamCare also trains people working in the gambling industry for improving player protection. With more than 20 successful years of helping problem gamblers, Gamcare has come a long way in promoting responsible gambling. All licensed gambling operators are free to join Gamcare and can get hold of a certificate after the completion period.


Use Self -Exclusion Services

Self Exclusion. Services basically motivate people to identify their gambling problems and sign up with them in order for personal and societal benefits. There is a time period that has to be chosen for self-exclusion and completion of that is mandatory. A gambler who signs up with these schemes is excluded from all marketing databases and won’t be sent any gambling-related content during that period of time.

GamStop for Online Casinos

Gamstop is a platform that is UK-based and helps people to self-exclude themselves. It is applicable for the problem gamblers in the UK and offers a range of time periods from 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years within which they cannot access any gambling-related website except non GamStop casinos including Non Stop Casino sites that are licensed by Curacao eGaming or run independently.

An ongoing time period cannot be reversed or cancelled and must be completed in order to decide for further action. This way it promotes responsible and safe gambling standards.

Self-Enrolment National Self Exclusion or SENSE

This scheme helps a gambler to exclude himself from the brick-and-mortar casinos based in the UK. Once a person registers himself, his information is circulated to all the land-based casinos in the country and personal details will be removed from the casino databases.

Use Blocking Softwares

  • Gamban is a blocking software that provides gamblers with a secured and effective cheaper alternative for self-exclusion. It is available for MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It blocks access to all gambling and betting websites and is a downloadable application. It is a simple yet easy process and helps prevent all forms of online gambling from eSports, skins, trading sites, and cryptocurrencies. Just don’t forget to switch off your VPN so it can work properly.
  • Betfilter is Software designed to prevent gambling. It is only available for Android devices and helps in preventing access to all online gambling sites or applications.
  • GamBlock is a paid software service that prevents gamblers from accessing gambling websites or applications. It has been operating since 2000 and has helped plenty of problem gamblers via restriction tools.

Self-Checks and Mindful Gambling Is Important

Punters are always advised to check out the following before investing cash into casinos:

  • Check out promotional and bonus offers. This includes No Deposit bonus, First/ Second deposit bonus, Registration bonus, free plays and free spins.
  • Check out the wagering conditions. The policies governing winning withdrawals are important.
  • Check out the casino terms and conditions. Especially in events of technical snags, lost connectivity, etc.
  • Check out the encryption and payment security tools in place. This includes SSL encryptions, firewalls, authentication mechanisms and payment methods supported.


If casinos harm a person, there are multiple ways to get out of it. One has to identify his own problem and has to willingly admit that he required help. There are software and schemes on the Internet that help people come out of their gambling addiction but one has to be determined and patient. It is a two-way process where a punter needs to remain determined and go according to the methods of the self-exclusion plan.