What Salaries do Project Managers Earn After the UMass Amherst Project Management?


If you are an aspirant project manager, you have probably asked whether a professional course can increase your earning potential. The truth is that certified project management professionals have a higher income than non-certified ones. The UMass Amherst project management is ideal for anyone willing to build a successful career in this field.

The program is great for attending live classes under industry experts and further expanding knowledge through real-world projects. You will receive a PG certification by pursuing a course that covers multiple tools like Jira and Minitab.


Keep exploring to understand the different benefits of pursuing the course and how it will impact your earnings.

Accomplish goal easily

Project management involves executing ideas to receive desired outcomes. It involves planning, budgeting, and prioritizing different aspects of a project. If you want a certain outcome at the end of your project, you must have a concrete plan.


Otherwise, you will be stuck on it for days, months, or even years. A project management course will teach you the right approach to take actionable steps. You can foresee your challenges and prioritize the important things that matter.

  • Enhance work procedures

Knowing how to execute every project step provides mental satisfaction and reduces stress. It helps with maintaining an organized workflow without any confusion regarding what to do next. When you are spending a lot of time on a project, you will expect it to deliver the results you wished for. A project management course will teach you to take proactive steps toward completing a project.

  • Budgeting skills

The fundamentals of the triple constraint are extremely significant during every project. It focuses on the fact that a good project will never be fast and cheap. A project that’s cheap and fast is of poor quality.

If a high-quality project is completed fast, it will be expensive. But cheap and good projects usually take a lot of time to complete. The aim of a project management course will be to teach you how to get rid of these constraints.

With project management training, you will know how to allocate and manage your resources effectively. You will know the right people to involve in finishing a project at a lower price. Your budgeting skills will also let you improve the speed of your projects.

Projects often get terminated because they exceed their expected budget. When projects get terminated midway, it is a major loss for the entire organization. Moreover, you will also stop getting more projects in the future if a reputation for poor delivery gets spread in the market.

  • Lead better

A project management program will benefit you alongside the people responsible for leading. You will learn to be more organized and give your team a path to success. You will also be trained to get rid of challenges and risks.

It will ensure that you can tackle the roadblocks before they escalate into something serious. When you can spot problems faster, you can develop faster solutions to get rid of them. It will increase the value of your projects and ensure that you can complete them faster despite all roadblocks.

  • Facilitate improved communication

A project management course will help you develop proper communication skills to help everyone understand the objectives of a particular project. It helps keep confusion at bay so that neither time nor resources get wasted. Moreover, it prevents individuals who did not receive a clear message from feeling demoralized.

If someone in your team receives a message poorly, they might start questioning their importance in the project. They might start distancing themselves from others and lose interest in the project. It will lead to inefficiencies and differences in a project.

Always remember that ensuring whether your team members are receiving messages properly isn’t enough. You also must ensure that whatever your team members are trying to convey reaches you and other top authorities involved in the project. Your team members should not have difficulty expressing their concerns about different aspects of a project.

Earning potential in the Project Management field

The UMass Amherst project management certification can make you eligible for higher remunerations across different industries. The median salary of project managers in the US is $116,000 across multiple industries. A majority of project managers earn between $93,000 and $140,000.

The project management program takes place over six months and is aligned with PMI-PMP and IASSC-Lean Six Sigma. You can attend live interactive classes and masterclasses under the experts at UMass Amherst. The course follows the format of an online Bootcamp with a low fee.

The program is ideal for project, program, and product managers, engineers, and professionals. You will be eligible for the program even if you are not from the management field. You only need a bachelor’s degree to acquire the right skills and accelerate your career using the project management course.

You can also work on various hands-on projects with the UMass Amherst project management program. It will ensure you know how to apply the acquired skills at the required places. With the experience of working on real-life projects, you will be prioritized more by employers.

Learners of the UMass Amherst project management course will also be able to enjoy the Simplilearn Career Service. You will be able to receive career guidance from top experts in the project management field. You will also be able to attend mock interview sessions to know how to answer complicated technical questions.

Wrapping up

Pursuing a professional project management course will make you qualified for higher positions and salaries at organizations across different industries. But remember that your salary will be influenced by the industry you choose to work in. Some other factors like your specialization and location will also impact your salary.

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