What Really Happened at the End of ‘Cocaine Bear’? The Truth Will Shock You!


Cocaine Bear is possibly the most accurately called film title of the year. It's about a wild black bear in the 1980s who consumes cocaine and develops a severe addiction.

Elizabeth Banks delivers a satirical parody of slasher films, crime films, and 1980s comedies in her most ambitious film endeavor to date. The film's cult following has already been established in advance of its release, thanks to the viral marketing campaign.


Cocaine Bear's Ending Explained

The film's climax begins with Eddie and Daveed standing up to Syd, who is threatening to kill Reba, after Bob's death. Reba does not appear in the woods until the third act, which is also when you discover that she has been collaborating with Syd. Eddie, who is grieving the loss of his wife, chooses to leave after realizing the youngsters in the woods require his assistance.

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The bear has abducted Dee Dee and returned her to her den with her babies and the cocaine. Eventually, unable to let go, Syd attempts to retrieve the cocaine and is injured by the bear. Daveed is nearly killed in the ensuing brawl, but Sari saves his life.

What Really Happened at the End of 'Cocaine Bear'?

They are able to retrieve Dee Dee and escape the woods, leaving the cocaine and the bear behind. As Syd has been caring for Eddie's small son, Eddie wants to become a better parent. In the meantime, Sari and Dee Dee grow closer as mother and daughter.

There are two stingers after the end credits. The first reveals that a dog has been eating Daveed's amputated fingers, which Syd shot off earlier in the film.

Stache discovered a duffel bag containing cocaine and opted to keep it for himself in the second chapter. Numerous individuals escaped the bear, but who knows when she may strike again?

This Bear Got It Wrong About Cocaine's Impact on Animals

Because bears have been exposed to cocaine so infrequently, nothing is known about its effects on them. Yet, according to Dr. Romain Pizzi, bears are normally terrified of humans and would not develop a rapid addiction to cocaine.

In addition, when tested with potent opioids, bears react with dread rather than violence. Although bears have attacked humans in the past, this is not their typical behavior, and they tend to avoid contact with humans.

Cocaine could make bears territorial and irritated, but there is no proof that they would go on a killing spree as depicted in Cocaine Bear.

What Really Happened at the End of 'Cocaine Bear'?

Where Is Pablo EskoBear Now?

The Cocaine Bear, also known as Pablo EskoBear, has a permanent home at the Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington. Nevertheless, it had quite a voyage to get there.

The taxidermied bear was initially displayed at the visitor center of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area before being relocated to Dalton and Las Vegas.

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It was reported to have even been sold to country music star Waylon Jennings before finding a permanent home at the Fun Mall. In the infamous bear's ultimate resting place, visitors and tourists can now take photographs with it.