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What Lies Below, a 2020 horror sci-fi thriller, recently became available on Netflix, and members rushed to see it. What Lies Below, written and directed by Braden R. Duemmler, was one of the most popular films on Netflix over Easter weekend, and it now ranks third on Netflix’s “Top 10 in the U.S.” list. Sure!

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Ema Horvath plays Libby, a youngster who is getting increasingly skeptical of her mother’s strange new lover in What Lies Below. Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he’s also far too preoccupied with fish.

For the first 80 minutes, this picture appears to be a typical horror film with a sci-fi, Lovecraftian monster atmosphere. But what about the last five minutes? Everything is off the table. It’s stunning, shocking, and, to be honest, incredibly confusing.

What Lies Below Release Date

What Lies Below‘ will be available on video-on-demand in the United States and Canada on December 4, 2020. However, the film was not released in the United Kingdom until February 22, 2021, after which it was made available in other European nations. Read more: He’s Out There (John) – Know Everything About This Horror Movie

Where to watch ‘What Lies below’

The film is accessible on Netflix, so you can easily view the Horror Movie Online or download it with basic Netflix Plans. What Lies Beneath is also available on Amazon Prime Video. So, if you don’t have Netflix, you may watch it online using Amazon Video’s basic plans.

What Lies Below Plot Recap

After all, we are presently experiencing a unique period in which “weird fantasy” godfather H.P. Lovecraft’s damp, xenophobic, cosmic style of horror has returned in the pop culture mainstream, primarily ascribed to “Lovecraft Country,” but also, to a lesser extent, “Color Out of Space.”

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The film’s title, “What Lies Down,” might have been given a more suitable title, which gives the picture a sad and curiously dour, yet fictitiously funny look:

Liberty (Emma Horath), a 16-year-old archaeologist, finds herself in a perplexing situation. The manner is appealing to fleshy ecologists. John Smith (Trey Tucker), his mother’s new island on a regular basis.

Liberty — or “Libby” when she isn’t a “baby girl,” according to her adoring mother Michelle (Manna Suvari) — isn’t as intriguing as what’s going on with John, a topless and very fit man.

Sleepwalk Mitchell’s basement includes a mood-lit scientific lab, and he is quite serious about salt-water fish, as well as poisonous and “very uncommon” types of centipedes.

“You’re like a strange friend,” Libby says to John. With his solar plexus, he laughs. “I believe I am. But, you know, odd is cool, right?” So, there you have it. Suvari and Horwath’s smooth, dependable mother-daughter connection begins promisingly with “What lays underneath.”


Michelle picks Libby from the scientific camp and is forced to leave her alone since Libby wants to see her (and show John). Libby turned off the vehicle radio as quickly as Michelle could place it due to some good-natured but manufactured inconvenience.

They had sex after the initial talk about John did not inspire them, but it is also a serious relationship! – Horwath’s heart was touched by Savari’s joyful expression.

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What Lies Below Ending Explanation

This much I understand: John was a demonic freshwater monster attempting to figure out how to thrive in saltwater. What is unclear is the portion when there is more than one of him, as well as the section where Libby wakes up stuck in a nightmarish aquarium. My best estimate is… John is only one of many aquatic demon beings trying to impregnate women in order to expand his species (thus the “fertility” bracelet).

The film’s last scene implies that Libby has turned into a water-breathing monster herself, and that John has succeeded.

I’m not suggesting it’s a satisfactory conclusion. Braden R. Duemmler, the writer/director, is more concerned with creating that final terrifying shot than with making the plot make sense. What is my advice? Don’t read too much into it—the nihilistic, scary feelings are more important than the plot. That’s how it goes with horror movies at times.

What Lies Below filming location

Thanks to the Adirondack Film Commission, coordinated by Andrew Meader, everything follows was shot in upstate New York near Lake George. I was travelling to Lake George with my mother for a summer vacation, and shooting there made me fall in love with the region all over again.

Our production was supposed to last 20 days, but we only had 19 days, including a pickup day in Los Angeles. Filming was difficult, as it is with many films, but we persevered and are really happy of what we accomplished.

Does What Lies Below getting a Sequel?

The film’s ending also generates more questions than answers, and the filmmaker considered offering an explanation in the sequel. In addition, horror films are more likely to receive sequels than dramas and noir thrillers. All things considered, assuming a sequel is approved soon, the public may expect the ‘What Lies Below‘ sequel to be released in 2023 or later.

What Lies Below Sequel plot (Spoiler Ahead)

Behind the seeming shroud of otherworldly antics, ‘What Lies Below’ is a film about a man predator preying on the lives of innocent women. The plot focuses around Libby, her mother Michelle, and Michelle’s hunk and somnambulist fiancée John Smith, leading the spectator into a vortex of apparently incomprehensible riddles.

Much of the mystery stems from the persona of John Smith; while he is the epitome of perfection, something feels strange about him. The film’s ending is strange and drastically affects the audience’s viewpoint.

While the narrative of the Wells family appears to end in the film’s conclusion, the monster remains on the loose, laying the groundwork for the expected sequel. The unresolved tale might go in a number of different directions, with John Smith hunting for other potential prey.

Having said that, because Michelle and Libby have not been proclaimed dead, they might just return, perhaps as part of John’s army of converted women. Because we don’t know anything about John’s origins, the next chapter may potentially take place in space. In any case, we can reasonably anticipate it to be as cathartic and twisted as the first.

In our review, if you didn’t What Lies Below, you shout watch it once. You will enjoy that 87mins full of suspense and thrilling.

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