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What Killed Mickey Mouse? What Does the Latest Tik Tok Trend Mean?

With TikTok, a number of trends go viral almost daily, including everything from famous dances to food hacks.

TikTok is a platform for curious minds as well as odd trends. Recently, a trend called “What Killed Mickey Mouse” has been dominating users’ thoughts on TikTok as they recorded their reactions after Googling the term. What is the purpose of this trend, given that the videos received millions of likes and views? To learn more, keep reading.

About “What Killed Mickey Mouse?” Trend

It’s always heartbreaking to learn that a well-known celebrity has passed away, but the internet is rife with similar death rumours and hoaxes. Fans now have to verify a number of sources to see whether the news of someone’s passing is accurate or not. If trending news about someone’s death doesn’t exactly go into depth, it might become even more perplexing.

In this scenario, Mickey Mouse is involved. People on TikTok are actively researching the specifics of the Disney mascot’s alleged demise.

What Killed Mickey Mouse

So we need to be clear about this. What’s popular isn’t Mickey’s passing. Instead, it’s the fact that people are trying to figure out what caused Mickey to pass away.

People searching “what killed Mickey Mouse” or a phrase with a similar phrase is the newest TikTok craze. Instead of posting a response or an explanation, many just express their disbelief at what they discover. Although searching it right now will probably only provide headlines about the trend, some intriguing information has been discovered.

According to results that have purportedly been discovered, Mickey’s heart allegedly “exploded,” resulting in the mascot’s sad demise. Another said that after the titular Netflix series became a worldwide sensation, fellow TikTok legend Wednesday Addams murdered Mickey.

Some people have even discovered unsettling illustrations of Mickey being captured in a mouse trap and a “lost episode” of a vintage black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoon that shows how he meets an untimely death.

To be clear, Mickey Mouse is not really deceased. The mascot character is still present and well, and he or she may be seen in a number of Disney animated programmes, movies, and affiliated works. Despite the fact that the news of his death on TikTok is greatly overblown, many are nevertheless jumping on the trend.

It’s safe to say that Mickey Mouse, one of the most well-known and cherished Disney characters of all time, will live longer than any of us.

Was Mickey Mouse Really Killed?

If you’re a fan of Disney, you probably know that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the previous Disney character, was replaced by Mickey Mouse. The animated cartoon character, which Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks co-created in 1928, made his public premiere in the short film Steamboat Willie, one of the earliest sound cartoons, in the episode Plane Crazy.

Longtime mascot Mickey is dressed in red shorts, big yellow shoes, and gloves. He frequently makes an appearance with Pluto, his dog, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Mickey received the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1978, making him the first cartoon figure to do so.

What Killed Mickey Mouse

Now let’s investigate whether Mickey Mouse is indeed deceased. The fact that the cartoon character is still alive will come as a relief to you. The “List of Deaths” Wiki, which offers a record of deaths in series, movies, and video games, is where these rumours first appeared.

Some sources assert that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck used their magical abilities to blast up Ursula, the antagonist from “The Little Mermaid.” Returning to Mickey Mouse, the character might still exist based on the unsubstantiated facts found on these fandom pages.

Some people think Mickey and Minnie Mouse are wed, a claim that gained credence after Mickey Mouse’s voice actor Wayne Allwine wed Minnie Mouse’s voice actress Russie Taylor in 1991. None of the sources is reliable in terms of the death theories.

Disney legend Floyd Norman, who plays Mickey Mouse in the Disney+ film “Mickey: The Story of a Mouse” and was interviewed in 2022, talked about his first encounter with the cartoon character and his favourite Mickey Mouse appearances throughout his nearly century-long career on the big and small screens, on stage, in public appearances, and in every imaginable consumer product.

In terms of the persona, Norman said: “Mickey Mouse is an absolute optimist. Walt Disney was a really creative person. Mickey is certainly resourceful. Mickey is a little cheeky as well. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse both have a naughty side.

Walt’s family has frequently mentioned to me how sarcastic Walt could be, and Mickey is also a trickster. So, both Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse have a huge influence on each other.

If more hand-drawn animation is to be produced in the future, Norman responded: “But you have to take up a pencil and create on paper to fully bring Mickey to life. Mickey will always have life thanks to the animators as long as we have creative individuals who can capture these wonderful visuals on paper.

“What generation doesn’t matter. Mickey Mouse will always be with us, and they will always be able to give him life. Wonderful World of Mickey” (2020-present) and “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” are two of the most recent Mickey Mouse series (2021–present).

Interesting fact: Mickey wears those white gloves to make his hands stand out against the rest of his body for the audience. That’s reliable information at last!