What is Watchtok? Tiktok Has Its Own Community for Watchlovers

Generation Z will never know what a VHS or landline is, but they are nonetheless interested in one item of obsolete technology: watches. It’s not just them, either. People of all ages are fascinated by watches.

In a world where time can be accessed with a single tap on a smartphone screen, many individuals still check their wrists. But what’s even more unexpected is that watch enthusiasts are all gathering on TikTok.

When we refer to watches, we do not mean smartwatches such as Fitbit or Apple watches. In fact, they completely mock these devices. These watch enthusiasts choose Rolex and Cartier timepieces. As of this writing, #watchtok has garnered more than 337 million views.

The platform is saturated with watch-related videos. And by watches, we do not mean smartwatches such as the Fitbit or Apple watch. In fact, they make light of these devices. These watch enthusiasts like luxury brands such as Rolex and Cartier. Let’s examine #watchtok, which has more than 337 million views as of this writing.

Enter #watchtok on TikTok

When you enter #watchtok into TikTok, a variety of films regarding the timepiece will appear. The account @timepiecepapi, for instance, displays some of the most reasonably priced watches worn by U.S. presidents.

Even watching unboxing and reviewing videos are available. As expected, the majority of these videos involve young men. However, if you look closely, you will discover that traditional watch merchants have entered the platform.

What is #Watchtok? Tiktok Has Its Own Community for Watchlovers

John Buckley, a watch dealer headquartered in New York’s diamond district, operates the @tuscanyrose TikTok account. In a number of his movies, he documents his price talks with other watch vendors. He also responds to queries from viewers, providing a great resource for younger generations.

As expected, the majority of these videos involve young men. However, a closer inspection reveals that traditional watch vendors have entered the platform. Mike Nouveau (@mikenouveau) also teaches strategy and profit when he purchases a watch for $3,200 and sells it for $1,000 more within two hours.

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Why Do People Continue to Wear Watches?

For many people, smart devices have eliminated the necessity to wear a watch. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why the watch has maintained its relevance in the digital age.

In addition to keeping time, timepieces are a stylistic statement, particularly for men who do not wear other jewelry. In addition, timepieces have long been seen as a prestige and power symbol.

What is #Watchtok? Tiktok Has Its Own Community for Watchlovers

As Forbes writer Ariel Adams stated, “Watches have been a status symbol since their invention.” Historically, a king’s fortune was required to purchase even a simple clock. In 1750, if you removed a pocket watch from your coat, you were a bloody big thing. Today, things are different, but in some surprising ways they are the same.”

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Therefore, it makes sense that some of our favorite celebrities, such as DJ Khaled and Drake, are passionate watch collectors. Ultimately, timepieces are a very obvious investment. It is a valuable item that can be worn daily. The highlight? When you are weary of something, you can typically resell it for the same price or even more.