What is the Problem in Lockwood & Co.? Explained

Joe Cornish, known for co-writing Ant-Man with Edgar Wright, Adam McKay, and Paul Rudd, adapted the Jonathan Stroud novel series Lockwood & Co. for Netflix.

Fans of the book series are satisfied with the film adaptation, stating that it exceeds their expectations. Season 1 consists of eight episodes based on The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull, the first two books in the series.

The series is set in post-Problem London and stars Ruby Stokes as Lucy, a young girl with exceptional ghost-hunting abilities. She quits her terrible home life and joins Lockwood & Co., a ghost-hunting organization operated by teenagers. Anthony Lockwood operates this agency (Cameron Chapman). George Karim provides assistance (Ali Hadji-Heshmati).

What is the Problem in Lockwood & Co.?

In its opening sequence, the series Lockwood & Co. describes the Problem. The headline of a newspaper says, “Ghosts Walk Among Us,” indicating that the first incident occurred in 1973.

Approximately 200 individuals had been killed by spirits at the time, a number that has only climbed since then. A curfew was implemented to ensure the safety of residents during the hours of paranormal activity.

It would soon be discovered that a great number of young people possessed a special talent for interacting with spirits. There are three distinct Talents: Hearing, Touch, and Vision.

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What is the Problem in Lockwood & Co.? Explained

As a career, these Agents are engaged to eliminate the origins of ghosts. Seven to thirteen-year-old night-watch children have a Talent and utilize it to defend a private space. Instead of utilizing their Talent to destroy Visitors, Sensitives are employed to find haunted sites.

As with previous catastrophes, the Problem had a negative impact on the economy. This resulted in the decline of technology as firms shifted their concentration to items that could assist in the destruction of supernatural creatures or Visitors. The invention of Visitor Defense items such as silver, iron, and salt made a number of enterprises extremely prosperous.

The Problem led to the establishment of DEPRAC, or the Department of Psychic Research and Control, which investigated the phenomenon and supervised the activity of ghost-hunting companies and their agents. In addition to a curfew, the agents’ defenses consist of ghost lamps, salt bombs, salt guns, and rapiers, their official weapons.

Lockwood & Co. has not been renewed for a second season, although supporters hope this drama will continue in future seasons. Watch season 1 on Netflix right now!

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Who Is the Owner of the Golden Sword?

Lockwood is irritated by the odd individual with the gaudy rapier and annoying facial hair. Constantly coming at the most awkward times, with what appears to be sticky fingers as well. He is evidently working alongside Penelope Fittes (presumably as her subordinate) but has no DEPRAC ties (and has too much class to be a Relic Hunter).

Moreover, his blade is quite significant. While adults do have access to weapons, rapiers are mostly reserved for agents who combat ghosts. Then why does he have one?

Why is he still carrying a rapier if he is over the age of twenty and no longer has a Talent? This riddle baffles both Netflix viewers and avid readers, as the Golden Blade was not introduced in Jonathan Stroud’s novels.

What is the Problem in Lockwood & Co.? Explained

Did Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff Contribute to the Problem?

Bickerstaff was one of the earliest prominent occultists to afflict London, performing his magic from the Green Gates Sanatorium. This perverted physician conducted experiments on his helpless patients.

Bickerstaff desired to satisfy his demonic urges rather than his scientific inquiry. The lack of secrecy around his actions suggests that high-ranking authority individuals were either complicit or covering up his tracks. So, was he The Problem’s progenitor?

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Midway through the 1960s, ghosts began to entirely dominate the earth, whereas Bickerstaff began experimenting with the evil side in the nineteenth century. It is possible that his experiments established the first Sources, connecting the ghosts to the soil due to their torturous deaths, and from there, things grew exponentially until the planet was overrun by suffering souls.