What is the d-slur on TikTok? Latest Trend Explained!

When you browse through social media apps, it’s not hard to come across offensive language. Even though there are rules and guidelines for the community, some people don’t think twice about using rude language on social media. And TikTok isn’t any different.

As more people start making videos for the app, it’s important for users to know what kind of language is and isn’t allowed. And since the slur is popular on TikTok, many creators have taken it upon themselves to teach their fans why it’s wrong.

What does the d-slur on TikTok mean then? Keep reading to get your answer.

What is the d-slur?

The d-slur is the homophobic and derogatory slang word “dyke,” which means lesbian. It’s often used to talk about a “butch” lesbian or a lesbian who looks like a man.

It is thought to have come from the word “bulldyke,” which dates back to the late 1800s and means the same thing: a lesbian who looks or acts like a man.

What is the d-slur

Even though some lesbians have taken back the d-word, it is still rude to use you if you don’t identify as a lesbian. GLAAD says that the best way to talk about people who like the same sex is to call them gay or lesbian. Any other slang word could be seen as insulting.

The word was first used on TikTok during Pride Month in June 2021. In 2023, it was back on users’ For You Pages, even though the app’s creators had asked that everyone stop using it.

TikTokers are also educating people who use the insulting word without realising it, and they are warning others about how it could hurt LGBTQ+ people.

Users of TikTok Have Put Out a Call to Action About the D-slur

Creators have started a call-to-action for the d-slur now that many people are trying to be nicer to people in the LGBTQ+ community.

The people who make TikTok have been teaching people how using the d-slur can hurt other people. Because of this, creators on TikTok and elsewhere are telling users not to use the insulting word. Others say it should only be used by people who identify as lesbian.

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