What is Freeform App? People Want to Know What This App Does

iOS upgrades often repair minor bugs or include tiny new features. With iOS 16.2, Apple has introduced a brand-new feature or application, as they do on occasion. The new update contains the Freeform application. Many individuals are naturally intrigued about the purpose of this app and why Apple took the time to develop it.

What is Freeform App?

Apple defines Freeform as an “unlimited canvas” meant for “Creative brainstorming and collaboration” in the official press release announcing the app’s debut. It is essentially a virtual whiteboard on which you may collaborate with up to 99 other users.

Earlier this year, Apple initially unveiled the capability during its WWDC keynote. It was revealed at the time that the program will permit the addition of images, files, drawings, notes, links, and anything else on the whiteboard.

Freeform may also interact with other Apple applications, including buttons that let you have a conversation on iMessage or FaceTime regarding your current project. Freeform boards are kept in iCloud, ensuring that they are synchronized across devices and accounts.

Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, said in a press statement, “Freeform enables iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to visually interact in countless ways.” With a limitless canvas, capability for uploading a variety of file types, iCloud connection, and collaborative features, Freeform provides users with a portable area for brainstorming.

How to Use Freeform?

Freeform as a whole is quite easy to master. Unlike third-party note-taking applications or whiteboards, this one is created by Apple and is meant to operate on relevant devices. Freeform performs some of the generic note-taking better than Notes, but it is also a considerably more scalable surface, so I immediately felt at home.

I can toss in a photo or video showcasing something while I’m brainstorming or outlining product testing, and I can move it about as I see fit. You are not limited by boundaries or borders, as you may be in a traditional application. Google Docs, for example, is significantly more organized.


I’ve also used it as a type of shared list with my family and as a basic digital notebook for scribbles and doodles. What has attracted me back to the app, as opposed to, say, Notability or a generic notes app, is that it syncs across the ecosystem and is really user-friendly.

Ask me about the best Freeform experience, and the answer is rather simple: On an iPad with an Apple Pencil, the application feels unstoppable. You may quickly jot down ideas, and the multitouch feature allows you to quickly add assets.

You can pull from images, utilize drag-and-drop to simply add an image or graphic from another app, and then receive feedback in real time from another user on the board. Or, in my case, simply zoom out to see your entire body of work at once.

What is Freeform App? People Want to Know What This App Does

Freeform is similar to notes on steroids, with the ability to import and add a variety of file formats. Apple views it as a cross-device collaboration tool that syncs automatically. And for me, it’s the plethora of input options and the simplicity of working across devices.

While it is neither the first nor most innovative app of its kind. There are numerous whiteboards and notetaking ones. But its extensive integration and sheer pervasiveness will surely convince you to at least give it a try. I’m excited to watch how it develops in the coming years and if Apple allows third-party integrations.

Does Freeform is free for IOS users?

Freeform, like many of Apple’s other default apps, is free and will be downloaded automatically when you update to iOS 16.2 or iPadOS16.2. It is designed as an alternative to Google Suite, which offers similar services and has become the standard for many organizations that require cross-location collaboration.

Since the app’s release, the majority of reviews have been fairly good. The Verge observed that updates appeared to sync almost rapidly, even while using cellular data to make edits. Their evaluation also claimed that the app’s arsenal of functions was pretty user-friendly and allowed you to manipulate objects on the canvas with relative ease.

While not every free Apple application is extensively used, some may find that Freeform fills a gap in the existing Apple product suite and enables more seamless collaboration across teams and geographies. Because the function is free and effective, it is difficult to be dissatisfied with it.

Freeform follows the release of iOS16, during which Apple made significant changes to iOS. Apple is one of the few firms that has been able to continually reinvent itself, and Freeform is just a small part of this journey. Freeform may not seem like a revolutionary development, but for those who use it frequently, it may be rather beneficial.