What is Delusion Week? How to Do the TikTok Trend of “Delusion Week”?

Things like getting up early, doing a full skincare routine, making your bed, and going to the gym before work all sound like good ideas at the time, but they are hard to do every day. This is where the idea of a “delusion week” comes in. TikTok users are challenging themselves to do things each day that the most successful version of themselves would do. This challenge will only last for one week. Instead of doing whatever they want at the moment, they should follow a self-care routine and schedule that makes them more productive.

You may have seen people on TikTok talking about their daily routines or plans for the week. But what does delusion week mean? Here’s everything you need to know about this trend and how you can try it yourself.

What is Delusion Week?

You may have tried some kind of delusion a week before. Many people have tried and failed to get up before work and make themselves breakfast instead of hitting the snooze button until the last second. It’s hard when your bed is the most comfortable right before your alarm goes off, but you can’t just roll over during delusion week.

What is Delusion Week

Instead, you have to get up and stick to the plan for delusion week. Danielle Walter (@daniellewalter_) came up with this TikTok trend. She did a “delusion week” because she wanted to feel like her life “most of the time” had “everything put together.” Instead of doing what she wanted, she did “things that the hottest and most successful version of herself would do.”

Walter did things like go to bed early, plan her meals and outfits for the next day the night before, and read and write in her journal instead of using social media or watching Netflix. Walter also said that TikToker Kaylin Mally (@kaylinmally), who only did what the hottest version of herself would do for a week, gave her the idea for #BeDelusional.

How to Do the TikTok Trend of “Delusion Week”?

Erin Horne (@erin horne), a TikToker, was inspired by Walter to try a delusion week with her friends. Each of them made a list of rules to follow for the whole week. Depending on your self-care and health needs, your rules can be very different. For example, most delusion weeks include getting up and going to bed early, but your times can change depending on when you have to go to work and what you want to do before.

Horne’s rules were to go to the gym, not scroll through TikTok, and eat a healthy breakfast before 8 a.m. She also added things like drinking a gallon of water every day and eating all meals at home. If you often get food delivered or eat out, the second option can definitely help you save some money.

You can also record a TikTok vlog every day as you do different things on your delusion week schedule to make sure you stick to the experiment. The idea of scheduling self-care habits and sticking to them sounds great, but is the TikTok trend of “delusion week” actually helpful in the long run?

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