What If Season 2: Is The Show Cancels Or Renews For The Second One?


What/If is an American thriller drama created by Mike Kelley. It released on May 24 in the year 2019, on Netflix. It’s an anthology that tells every single decision of life is significant, and a Single wrong decision will entirely turn around your life. The sho again comes into the limelight because of season 2.

In a recent interview, Mike Kelley gave a hint about season 2, and the shooting will begin very soon. He also clearly specified that the plot of season2 is entirely new and fresh and there is no co-relation with the first season.

The drama will base on the morals and principles, and you can implement them in a real-life. The first season consists of 10 episodes, and each episode is around 1 hrs. The first season brings great up with great moral values and expected in the next season as well.

As a fan, we can expect that season 2 will arrive soon.

What if season 2

The Plot of What if Season 2

The plot of next season is a mystery, and This thing creates inquisitiveness among the fans to know what going on next. The runner of the show Mike Kelley clearly specifies that the next season is an entirely new journey, with no link from the first season.

He ensures that the show always brings with some big moral questions once again, which is relatable to real-life, It will help to connect with the audience and also enhance the significance of watching the movie.

The intensity of the show(tough moral question)will definitely increase in the second season, surely create chaos in the mind of the viewer, about the morals and principles.

Mike Kelley promises that the different characters of the show will increase the flavors in the storyline.

As a fan, we can expect melodic learning will continue in the second season 2.

The Trailer of What if Season 2

The trailer of what if season2 is not released yet, and we should not expect the trailer to come soon because there is no confirmation on the show yet, The fans make the trailer or teaser from the short clip of season 1 on youtube, but there is no teaser or trailer released. When the trailer of season 2 will arrive, you will get to know it here.

Till then you can watch the season 1 trailer on youtube and the full show on Netflix.

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The Cast of Season 2

As a What if season 2 is not approved yet, so there is no official declaration of the cast. the different actor who plays the different roles in season two are as follows;-

Jane Levy as Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, Keith Powers as Todd Archer, Juan Castano as Marcos Ruiz, Blake Jenner as Sean Donovan, Samanta Marie Ware as Angela Archer, Saamer Usmani as Avery Watkins, Nana Ghana as Sophie, Monique Kim as Miles among others, Renee Zellweger as Anne Montgomery, John Clarence Stewart as Lionel, Louis Herthum as Foster, Dave Annable as Dr. Ian Evans, Juan Castano as Marcos Ruiz.

For more update on characters and different actor, plays in season 2, you will get to know here.

IMDB Rating

The IMDB rating of the season is 6.3 out of 10. The thriller drama does not get a good response from the critics but enough loved by the audience to make the sequel of the film. the anthology tells how a single decision of your life will alter the trajectory path of your life.

How Audience Reacted To This Drama

Super cringeworthy!

AmWeeds26 May 2019
I don’t know if it was intentional to be this corny but it was. Should have been aired on Lifetime Channel as that is what it felt like I was watching it on. Very cliche storylines, horrible acting, and far fetched plots to move the story along. Renée, you can do better than this.

It has to be deliberate

“It’s one of those so bad it’s… enjoyable shows. The way it’s shot, the dialogue… it’s all so cringeworthy. Some characters are followed for no reason at all, and they all feel shallow and unreal. Still, if you watch this as a parody of bad soap-opera-like television, it could be a load of fun..”

So bad so so so bad….

poganova25 May 2019
“This was awful. I guess I kept watching because of Renee, but it got worse and worse and worse. Very cliche, predictable, boring script…absolutely bizarre unconnected storylines.. terrible acting, like really bad, especially the female lead. the whole thing made no sense! please do not waste your time. Renee…. what has happened to you? “

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ending of what/if?

At the end of What/if season 1 Dr. Ian Harris (Dave Annable) came to a bleak due to the headshot given by a pregnant Angela (Samantha Marie Ware). In the What/If finale, Ian fulfills his mission of kidnapping Angela while tying Todd up in his basement. Todd escaped and however manage, to follow or track his wife and Ian to an evacuated cabin in the forests.

  • Where can we watch season 1?

We can watch season 1 on Netflix, and you can also stream the full dram on many movie streaming sites.

  • Will the teaser of season 2 arrive?

The teaser of season 2 does not arrive yet even there is not take a final call on season 2.

  • How much time do you need to watch season 1?

The season consists of only 10episode, you can finish the season 1 weekend easily.

Final Verdict

The what/if season one gets a fair enough response from the audience that the creator thinks about to make it a sequel. The morals, principles are the topic of discussion among the youth and also help to create hype about the drama. Yet there is no confirmation about part 2. Till then you can sit back and enjoy season 1 on Netflix.

I hope the above information helps you to remove the rumors running about the what/if season 2. As soon as, I will get any updates on season 2 I will let you know. If you have any questions about season 2, you can comment below, and you will get your answer soon.

We’ll be sure to pop it right here for your viewing pleasure when it does land, but for now, sit back and relive the guilty pleasures of this camp delight via the season one trailer above.

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