What Has Led to Esports Growing Success?

With each big event that takes place on the global stage, esports continues to grow with tens of millions of viewers tuning in to the end of series and millions tuning in to regular play options too – there have been expansions outwards into other industries over the past few years too particularly with the likes of betting as esports betting through sites like betting-sites.ca continue to grow and leading to more exciting opportunities. As numbers start to rival and even surpass those of traditional sporting events, what has been the blueprint to success for esports and is it something that can be replicated for other options?

New Arcane details revealed: League of Legends animated Netflix show gets release date, trailers, image gallery, RiotX Arcane event with in-game extras, Twitch co-streaming, Imagine Dragons song and more - Esports News Free and easily accessible viewing – Whether through Twitch or YouTube, or sometimes smaller platforms too, perhaps the biggest success found in esports has been the ease of availability to view and something that has shown a new and exciting approach. With big events having higher production quality but also remaining free has been vital, and it’s unlikely cost will become a factor with just how successful the free options have been and may even lead to other entertainment options following in order to replicate the same successes and to replicate some of the same numbers that have been seen too.

Free games means more players too – It’s not just the viewing options, but also the options for playing as many esports fans are also players too, but also allows an option for new viewers to try out the games for themselves too. Having free-to-play options alongside the viewing makes the games extremely accessible and has been important for the growth and has become a common trend across these games too, as those launch with a hefty price tag have a difficult time with building as large an audience as the barrier to entry remains.

Easily accessible tournaments have helped options grow too – Following the viewing options and the play options, having the opportunity to compete for a small bit of prize money or the chance to progress to bigger tournaments – these options have become very easily accessible and very widespread too and has changed the way many players from all skill levels can approach esports and develop a new interest. Much like with traditional sporting, these same tournaments exist with little to no buy in price and bringing something unique to the growing online landscape for many players.

It’s easy to forget that esports is still relatively new having only first emerged in the way it is known today in the past decade or so, and there’s still plenty of room to grow with new game releases to expand esports – it’s an exciting time to be involved whether a player or viewer, and with more media release with the likes of Arcane from League of Legends on Netflix attracting new players, it opens yet more doors for esports.