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What Happened to Zuko’s Mom? Does Zuko See His Mother Again?

The Prince of Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko’s mother disappeared when he was a youngster and she is thought to be deceased, however, the tie-in comics explain why she disappeared and where she has been. Zuko, the exiled son of Fire Lord Ozai, spends the majority of Avatar: The Last Airbender acting antagonistically towards Aang and his friends, as capturing the Avatar is the only way he can return to the Fire Nation with honor. In the end, Zuko redeems himself and battles alongside Aang to destroy his father, Fire Lord Ozai.

Who is the Mother of Zuko?

Ursa was born to Jinzuk and Rina in the Fire Nation settlement of Hira’a. Her mother, Rina, was the daughter of Roku, the previous Avatar of the Fire Nation. Ursa was close friends with a local guy named Ikem when she was a young woman, and the two were members of a local theatre club. The play that Ursa and Ikem rehearse in the comic is Love Among the Dragons, Ursa’s favorite play, which she later took her daughters Azula and Zuko to see on Ember Island.

What Happened to Zuko's Mom? Does Zuko See His Mother Again?

On the evening Ikem proposed to Ursa during one of their play practices, Ursa arrived home to see Fire Lord Azulon and his son Prince Ozai at her home. The Fire Sages foretold Zuko’s grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon, that he should combine his bloodline with that of Avatar Roku.

This would purportedly generate powerful progeny, ensuring his family’s position on the throne long after his death. He was able to locate Ursa and force her to marry Ozai, Zuko’s father, despite her engagement with Ikem.

What Happened To Zuko’s Mother Following After her Exile?

Ursa returned to the town where she was born after escaping the Fire Nation Palace. There, she met Noren, who turned out to be her first love, Ikem. Ikem had begged a spirit known as the Mother of Faces to alter his appearance in order to avoid Ozai’s wrath. Ursa determined in Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search that she would enter into a similar agreement with the Mother of Faces in order to start her life over.

The Mother of Faces granted Ursa not only a new face but also a new mind in which all memories of her existence as Ozai’s wife would be wiped clean. Noriko was given to Ursa after she made the painful decision to forget her children and the rest of her former life. She and Noren lived in harmony for many years and produced a daughter named Kiyi, the half-sister of Zuko and Azula.

What Happened to Zuko's Mom? Does Zuko See His Mother Again?

Zuko Finally Reunites with Ursa

Fortunately, Zuko finally discovers Ursa’s new identity. In reality, he first encounters her in Hira’a as someone else. Zuko discovers that Noriko is Ursa when Team Avatar returns to the home of Noren and Noriko, a loving couple they met throughout their travels.

However, Zuko is adamant that his mother would be better off if she had no recollections of her time in the Fire Nation, as she lives a happy life in her village. Despite this, Ursa chooses to recall her children, remembering both the good and the bad.

Ursa feels remorse for wiping her family’s memories and desires to progress in her connection with them. She is pleased with Zuko’s development into a capable leader. Even if the future and Ursa’s role in Zuko’s life are uncertain, the parting words the two say to one another are filled with affection.

Their friendship is restored, and Ursa shares her full life story with Zuko. Now that he understands that his mother just did what she believed to be best, he is ready to take a step toward emotionally mending his scars.