What Happened to Kristin Cavallari’s Brother? Complete Tragedy Explained

Fans are still curious about Kristin Cavallari‘s brother's whereabouts. The social media celebrity has her own E! series called Very Cavallari in which she discusses her personal tragedy off-screen. Despite how cheerful she appears on the internet and on her show, her life has not been as delightful.

In 2015, Michael Cavallari, her only brother, passed away. Recent press reports have shown her coping with some of the most heartbreaking friendship breakups ever in Laguna Beach, which has undoubtedly affected her mental health. The events surrounding Michael Cavallari are currently shrouded in a great deal of mystery. Thus, we have concluded a comprehensive report on what truly transpired with her brother.

In 2015, when she gave birth to her third kid, everything began. When she received the news that her older brother Michael was gone, everything fell apart. The media and her family were informed that his vehicle was discovered in Utah on a highway. Later, it was revealed that Michael had been detained a few days prior to his disappearance.

What Happened to Kristin Cavallari's Brother?

Well, it did not take long for the media and police to discover a body that they believed to be Michael's. The officials believed that suicide may have been the cause due to the distance between the body and the car.

What Happened to Kristin Cavallari’s Brother? Complete Tragedy Explained

Following the publication of the autopsy results to the media, it was revealed that Michael's death was caused by hypothermia. Because his body is exposed to the cold environment, he perishes. There were rumors that he may have been drunk at the time of his death, but the autopsy disproved the notion. His body contained no traces of narcotics or alcohol at the time of his death.

In order to discuss her brother's passing, Kristin took to her official Instagram account and posted a heartwarming photo of the siblings together. She captioned the photo by expressing gratitude for the support sent to her and her family during this extremely tough period. When the body was discovered, Kristin spoke with news officials and gave key case details.

She also requested that the media be sensitive to their feelings and allow the family to grieve in peace. In 2018, Kristin disclosed her feelings for the first time when she spoke about how difficult 2018 was for her. Due to her inability to cognitively absorb the grief, she did not understand that her brother had died until 2018. At that time, it had been three years after her brother, Michael Cavallari, had passed away.

The Tragedy Explained

It was because he was carrying a loaded shotgun around the City Hall in Southern California. It was reported to the police by a woman who sought assistance against Michael. She discussed the shotgun and Michael's repeated visits to her residence to threaten her with it.

What Happened to Kristin Cavallari’s Brother? Complete Tragedy Explained

It is unknown what transpired behind the scenes of this incident because the woman involved never spoke to the media. At the time, there were rumors that Michael was a problematic individual. Michael's loved ones speculated that he had opted to embark on a road trip, based on the presence of his automobile on the highway.

As Michael was classified missing by the police, Kristin posted photos of them on Instagram so that her followers would be aware of the situation and assist in any way possible.