What Happened to Andrea Yates? The Mother Who Committed This Insane Crime

When the news of a mother who murdered her five children became public in the early years of the 21st century, the entire globe was outraged. The crime that she committed was a highly distressing one that stunned everyone.

Almost every hour, a crime is done, but this insanity involving a mother who murdered not one, but five children is so reprehensible that other mothers will think twice before committing such a vile deed.

Not only did this atrocity shock the entire globe, but the jurors and attorneys who presented and defended the case were also startled by the depth of insanity with which Andreas murdered her five innocent children.

Andrea Yates is the mother who did this horrific crime. She is currently alive, but what is she doing? Where is she currently? What transpired with her? Who did she perform this heinous crime against? who exactly is she?

Who is Andrea Yates?

Andrea Yates is an American lady from Houston, Texas; nevertheless, due to a criminal conduct she committed in the 2000s, she gained infamy for all the wrong reasons. She admitted to murdering and killing her five children on June 20, 2001, by drowning them one by one in the bathtub.

However, despite this heinous deed, she was brought to trial, where it was shown that she was suffering from acute postpartum, depression, and postpartum psychosis, which affected her mental health and were the reason she murdered her five children.

What Happened to Andrea Yates? The Mother Who Committed This Insane Crime

Andreas is originally from Houston, Texas, she is a college graduate with a degree in nursing, and she has worked as a registered nurse at a Houston hospital. However, after giving birth to her children, she resorted to overdosing and used to consume pills, which led to her depression and other mental health issues.

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What Happened to Andrea Yates?

Andrea Yates is both the mother and the criminal who murdered her five children. Her story of becoming a murderer began when she was 17 and a miserable, suicidal teen who discussed her plans with her friends.

It is also known that she committed suicide; she used antidepressants to combat her depression, but no one anticipated that this would have such a negative impact on her that she would commit murder. Initially, after her husband, an engineer named Rusty Yates departed for work, she began her objective of drowning her children one by one.

Due to her mental health issues, she was receiving treatment from Dr. Saeed, who cautioned his husband Rusty not to leave her alone. However, when he left for work, leaving Andrea alone with her children, she began drowning them one by one.


However, after this incident, she immediately called her husband. This led her to court, where she had to face multiple trials in which her defenders argued that her mental health was the issue and her critics demanded that she be sentenced to life in prison for the disgraceful act she had committed.

Therefore, Texas state prosecutors and defense attorneys asserted that she is mentally ill and required mental health care, which was one of her psychotic motives for murdering her children.

What Happened to Andrea Yates? The Mother Who Committed This Insane Crime

What is Andre Yates Doing Now?

Andre Yates is still receiving mental health care and remains incarcerated, contrary to the widespread belief that she has passed away and is now having a happy and fulfilling life.

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She knits and crafts children-related items, according to sources, which she sells for the children’s foundation in the prison and the hospital. Regarding her personal life, her ex-husband Rusty filed for divorce in 2005, which was granted.