What Does the Re/Member Post-Credits Scene Mean? Explained

The proliferation of post-credits scenes is mostly attributable to superhero films and Hollywood's fixation with sequels and franchises. However, their inclusion in horror films remains infrequent. I was pleasantly pleased by the Re/Member post-credits scene, which had troubling implications for the film's conclusion and the possibility of a sequel.

What Does the Re/Member Post-Credits Scene Mean?

At the beginning of the film, we watched the brutal murder of eight-year-old Miko Onoyama in her family's holiday house. Miko becomes the Red Person, and the students must locate her corpse in the school. The post-credits scene of Re/Member depicts a newspaper item about Miko's murder being replaced with a fresh tale.

In place of Miko, the new article describes the death of a different 8-year-old girl called Asuka Morisaki, who was slain in a theme park. This conclusion hints that the protagonist of the film, Asuka, will be the next victim and Red Person in a fresh game of Body Search.

What Does the Re/Member Post-Credits Scene Mean? Explained

Since Body Search is based on a time loop, it stands to reason that whoever controls the game is capable of time travel and time manipulation. We can suppose that this creature will travel back in time and murder Asuka when she was eight years old, making her the next “body” to be discovered in the game.

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Does Asuka Die?

Asuka and her companions are trapped in an endless cycle of death unless they complete the goal. All of their deaths were transient, and while one of them is temporarily removed from existence, they all survive to see the next day.

However, the scene after the credits offers a different story. It allows us to view the contents of the well outside the chapel. We see a newspaper clipping with the account of Miko Onoyama, the little girl who was murdered and mutilated thirty years ago, and whose body was reassembled by Asuka and her companions during the time loop.

The headline about Miko dissipates and emerges as a headline about the gruesome murder of a little girl in an amusement park. The image of Miko likewise vanishes and emerges as the image of young Asuka.

Although it appears that Asuka is going to die, it remains a bit confusing because Asuka is already a teenager, whereas the headline refers to a girl who died at the age of eight. What does this signifier?

What Does the Re/Member Post-Credits Scene Mean? Explained

The video reveals little about Miko, her murderer, how teenagers become trapped in a time loop, or who created the Body Search rules. It does imply, though, that Body Search and time loops are much more prevalent and have occurred to people around the world.

The only reason they are not discussed more often is that people's memories are erased when they exit a loop. The same thing happened to Mr. Yashiro, the librarian. When he was a senior in high school, he believed he was in the Body Search, he reveals.

He uses “think” since he can never be certain because he cannot recall any of it. As a result, Asuka realizes that her friends will also forget about it.

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Will There Be a Sequel to Re/Member?

The sequence after the credits hints at the possibility of a sequel. As there are numerous volumes of the manga the film is based on, there is a wealth of material to draw on.

Additionally, in the original tale, some characters are forced to participate in multiple Body Search games. The conclusion of the video hints that there is much more to this story than was previously shown. There is no confirmation from Netflix on a Re/Member sequel, but anything is possible!