What Does SMH Mean on Tiktok? Latest Trend Explained!


You may have seen the popular term “SMH” on your TikTok For You Page. What does the acronym stand for, and when do you use it?

Since TikTok came out in 2016, there have been a lot of viral challenges and trends that have taken over the social media app. Along with this, a lot of slang terms have come up on the app, some of which came from other social media sites like Twitter and some of which were made by the TikTok community.


SMH has been around on the internet for a while and is used on most social media sites, so it's not surprising that the acronym made its way to TikTok. If you've ever seen this word in a video, caption, or comment on the short-form app, here's everything you need to know about what it means.

What Does TikTok's SMH Mean?

Most of the time, SMH means “shake my head” or “I'm shaking my head.” The word is mostly used to show disappointment, and it is usually said in response to someone's comment or to a situation that has been mentioned.


Even though that is the most common way to use SMH, it could also mean other things. Some examples are “smack my head,” “so much hate,” and “somehow.”

What Does SMH Mean on Tiktok

The word is often used on TikTok and elsewhere, and its meaning depends on the situation.

How to Use “SMH”?

When you use “SMH” as a caption on a video, a hashtag in the description, or a response to a follower's comment, the related feeling comes across right away. No matter which option you choose, you will get benefits, and the best reward is meaningful communication.

How to Reply SMH?

When you get a text that says “SMH,” you might not know what to say. The shorthand shows that someone is unhappy and disappointed. So, if someone says something like this, you can agree with them and say, “You're right, and smh, too.” You can also disagree and explain why you think the way you do in that situation.

TikTok's Other Basic Acronyms

Besides SMH, there are a lot of other acronyms that people often use on TikTok. Here are some acronyms you should know before you go on TikTok and make Gen Z “shake their heads.”

  • FYP stands for “For You Page,” and is the homepage of TikTok
  • CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer
  • PFP stands for Profile Picture
  • POV stands for Point of View
  • OOMF stands for One Of My Followers
  • IB stands for Inspired By
  • DC stands for Dance Credit