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What Does Remove Miner Mean on Tiktok? It’s Basically Game Fans Trolling Posts

At the time of writing, TikTok is the most popular social networking app in the world. It is a video-sharing application where people create their own material utilizing the same sounds and joke styles. The majority of the time, these trends and fads are limited to the TikTok videos themselves, but users may also observe them in other areas, such as profile images and comment sections.

Today, the comments beneath videos on TikTok can appear utterly random. There are brownie recipes, jargon that looks difficult or strange, and other memes that, for whatever reason, are quite bizarre. Recently, the term “delete miner” has been appearing in comments and hashtags on films that some users see on their For You tab, leaving others to question what it means.

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What Does the Tiktok Term “Remove Miner” Mean?

The phrase “remove miner” is actually associated with the famous app-based game Clash of Clans and its spin-off Clash Royale, in which players construct armies comprised of several types of troops and engage in online battles. Miners are one of the available troop types, and a recent meme has advocated for their removal from the game.

What Does Remove Miner Mean on Tiktok? It's Basically Game Fans Trolling Posts

Similar to the brownie recipes that are currently trendy on TikTok, “remove miner” and “nerf miner,” which are two variations of the same notion, are spam comments that appear on videos that have little to do with the content of the videos. These movements are intended to be very random and unpredictable, which explains why so many users are perplexed by them.

Commenters on Tiktok Are Increasingly Disorderly

Recent trends such as “remove miner,” which are focused on leaving completely random comments on other users’ videos, are quite disruptive for TikTok users who aren’t in on the joke. TikTok has always had users that latch on to whatever fad is popular and then move on, but these remarks illustrate how a committed gang of troublemakers may disrupt the usual interactions that occur on the platform.

While it is true that video owners can block or delete unwanted comments, the “remove miner” campaign appears to be gaining momentum. Really, it’s a harmless meme, but you need to be in on the joke to get it. Some individuals may find this offensive, and even if you grasp the joke, it doesn’t necessarily imply you’ll enjoy it.

What Does Remove Miner Mean on Tiktok? It's Basically Game Fans Trolling Posts

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TikTok has always been a place where those who understand trends are separated from those who do not. Even as the “remove miner” mentality grows around the network, it merely exacerbates the problem. Eventually, it will fade down, but until then, those who dislike it will have to deal with it.

Some TikTok users have been upset with the identical sentence appearing beneath thousands of videos across the platform, and it doesn’t help that this isn’t the only comment meme currently circulating.