What Does Pinned Mean on Tiktok? How is It Works?

TikTok boasts a wealth of features that make it Gen Z‘s favorite social networking platform, despite the abundance of alternative options. However, this does not mean that it cannot benefit from some technological advancements.

The platform exhibits its adaptability with the addition of the “Pinning” feature to its arsenal. But what exactly does “pinning” mean? It refers to two acts on TikTok: pinning videos and leaving comments.

What is the meaning of “Pinned” on TikTok?

According to MakeUseOf, the concept of pinning on TikTok pertains to a pinned comment. Similar to Instagram and YouTube, TikTok users may now pin remarks to their respective comment sections.

Pinning a remark serves multiple functions. According to the source, it can display a creator’s favorite remark, highlight important information, or discourage unpleasant comments; in essence, it can define the tone of a comment area. Pinning a comment that extends to a relevant topic can stimulate additional user participation. Consequently, posting a comment on TikTok can enhance total interaction.

What Does Pinned Mean on Tiktok? How is It Works?

It is Simple to Pin your Comment Area

As with most TikTok features, understanding how to pin a comment is straightforward. Start by locating the comment that you wish to pin. Then, press and hold the comment until a pop-up display. Select “Pin comment” then. A grey box labeled “Pinned” will appear to the left of the comment once it has been completed. Consider that it may take some time for the pinned comment to ascend to the top of the comment area. And only one remark at a time can be pinned.

Sticking stickers to your videos is an additional great method to demonstrate your creativity. According to Social Media Today, the function allows you to slap a sticker on an object in your video clip, where it will remain in position and adjust its size dependent on the movement of the footage.

@TikTok published a video demonstrating how to pin a sticker by selecting the desired placement, dragging the slider to the desired location, and determining the duration of the sticker’s appearance.

To begin, record a video and then hit the following arrow to enter editing mode. Select “Stickers” at the bottom of the screen and locate an appropriate sticker. Move the sticker to the desired area, press it, then select “Pin.” Utilize the slider to determine the position of your sticker. Select “Pin” one more when you are satisfied.

What Does Pinned Mean on Tiktok? How is It Works?

You may also pick “Set Duration” and use the slider to determine the duration of the sticker’s appearance. The latest version of TikTok supports the pinning sticker feature. Ensure that your TikTok app is up-to-date so that you may create magic.

Similarly, a pinned comment can lead to a comment thread that the video’s producer desires to highlight, thereby increasing interaction with the video. It also helps eliminate unpleasant comments by addressing them directly or by encouraging people to post more good comments by pinning a delightful one.

The pin tool allows users to effectively manage and define the tone of the comment section by pinning a comment that corresponds to the type of response they desired from their article.

This useful function is quite simple to employ. Simply locate the remark you desire to pin under a specific video and press and hold it until a pop-up box opens. Simply select Pin comment from the menu and you’re done!