What Is “The Ick” Mean on Tiktok?


Have you ever been in the thick of a new relationship in which everything seems great, effortless, and thrilling, until, well, it's no longer the case? Your new lover does or says something bizarre that absolutely repels you, leaving you to question why you were attracted to them in the first place. What was once a burgeoning fresh love has now turned into utter revulsion. This is referred to as “the icks” on TikTok.

This is not the first slang we are discussing there is also so much funny slang over tiktok like NNN also trend on tiktok this November like NSN (No Shave November)


What does “the Ick” mean on Tiktok?

The phrase “the ick” is a major turnoff. It's the uncomfortable feeling you get in your stomach when someone you were once smitten with becomes completely unattractive. “The ick” is a catchall name for this feeling, which is typically triggered by a little but distinct factor — a characteristic, habit, or incident that repels you from the object of your desire, sometimes permanently.

A friend of mine tells me she once broke a relationship after her one-month boyfriend took his dog with diarrhea on a romantic walk. “I remember him leaning over, moaning softly with effort, and fumbling to scoop the poop into his plastic bag while attempting to keep a conversation… I knew I never wanted to be touched by those sweaty, ineffective hands again. I dumped him after a week.


What Is "The Ick? The Definition of the Term "TikTok Dating"

Why and how does the ick happen?

Following Amaning's reintroduction of the ick idea, the Independent researched the mental origins of the emotion. According to psychologist Becky Spelman, the ick typically occurs “after a period of mutual attraction and before the relationship has had a chance to evolve into a stable, long-term position.”

She stated that the emotion may occur when “our unconscious mind reacts to some basic mismatches between us and the individual to whom we've just been drawn… We have decided to pursue a relationship with them despite these fundamental mismatches due to the initial flush of desire. However, when there are significant incompatibilities, issues are inevitable.”

Where did the Term originate?

From the sociocultural treasure box that is Love Island in the United Kingdom. Olivia Attwood, a 2017 competitor on the reality dating show, created the term “the ick” to characterize the end of her relationship with fellow contestant Sam Gowland.

Since then, “the ick” has become a frequently revisited term in the Love Island universe; for example, “Is so-and-so catching the ick?” Leanne Amazing said in a January 2020 show why she ended her relationship with fellow participant Mike Boateng after only two weeks.