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What Does Bmf Mean on Tiktok? Here’s What It Means!

If you are a user of any social media platform, you have undoubtedly encountered some of the Internet slang that people enjoy using today. However, it may often be the case that despite its popularity, it confuses you. And recently, a similar issue occurred when a number of social media users were left perplexed about the popular slang term BMF. And if you find yourself on this list, have no fear! We’ve got your back! As the post unfolds, we will delve into the question, “What does BMF mean on TikTok?”

What does BMF on TikTok mean?

It is possible that the abbreviation BMF could have several meanings, but the most prevalent usage of these three letters is “bad motherf***er.” This abbreviation is not exclusive to TikTok. It is also utilized on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

The phrase originates from a cult favorite film released in the 1990s. We’re talking about the 1994 release of Pulp Fiction. BMF is not intended to be used as an insult or pejorative label. In fact, it is a compliment. When you call someone a BMF, you are praising their style, demeanor, attitude, or another trait that you admire.

What Does Bmf Mean on Tiktok? Here’s What It Means!

Other Possible Definitions of BMF

Well, in addition to “Bad Motherf***er,” BMF can also mean “Be My Friend” when a user is chatting or commenting online. The alternative probable full version of BMF is “best male friend.” While simultaneously being used for “Be my companion” and “Best male companion” by a number of people.

The popular Rick Ross song “Blowing Money Fast” is occasionally abbreviated as BMF. In addition, from a legal standpoint, BMF stands for “Black Mafia Family.” In legal and administrative contexts, this phrase refers to a drug-dealing organization. BMF is also an abbreviation for “Mass Mail Facility.”

People also use this expression to mean “Best Friends Forever.” Then, Poor Mr. Frosty. Additionally, for referencing the third studio album by the American rock band Soundgarden, “Badmotorfinger.” It was released by A&M Records on October 8, 1991.

Other Famous TikTok Slangs in 2022

Another Tik Tok lingo gaining popularity is “IB.” It represents “Inspired by.” Creators utilize this to offer credit to the one who inspired them to create the work. Flex is the next word on this list, and it implies boasting about something positive.

Recently, this word has become one of the most popular slang terms. Besides this, “Slay” is also commonly used today. It is comparable to saying “killed it!” If something or someone “slays,” it means that they are potentially doing an excellent job or that they are extremely cool.


As a result of TikTok’s daily growth and expansion, which includes the addition of new users and viral videos, new acronyms will emerge frequently. As soon as an acronym becomes popular, users throughout TikTok will begin using it in video comment areas. Even though it can be difficult to keep up with new acronyms on TikTok, figuring them out is not that difficult.