What Are the Series of HONOR Phones?

Honor mobiles

HONOR is a technology brand belong to HUAWEI. Its target customer group is contemporary young people. The brand focuses on fashion design and extreme performance. HONOR is committed to creating the world’s favorite scientific and technological products. Bring extreme scientific and technological experiences to young people. Offer quality, innovation and service. Create a fashionable life for young people. The brand’s vision is to create a new world of wisdom for young people. HONOR phones have several main serials: HONOR Digital Series, V Series, X Series, Play Series and Play Series. The following is an introduction to each series.

HONOR Digital Series

HONOR Digital Series are the flagship phone of HONOR brand. The latest product in this series are the HONOR 30 series. HONOR 30 series released in April 2020. HONOR Digital Series Phone pursue to be the vanguard of the trend. They feature high cost performance. HONOR designed the serials for young groups pursuing fashion. The appearance of them are simple and fashionable. The colors are cool. We can see the configuration. Newly released models usually use Kirin’s latest processor. They emphasize the fashion sense of the mobile phone. They also pay more attention to the performance of the phone.


HONOR V Series

HONOR V Series Position themselves as pioneer technology. They focus on extreme performance and experience. They are also the flagship mobile phone of HONOR brand. The screen sizes of this series are usually larger than that of HONOR digital series. The serials generally design mental cases. Glass back cover appeared in V20. The battery capacity is also relatively large. It makes V-series mobile phones relatively heavy. The configuration of V-series mobile phones is not lower than that of HONOR digital series. The screen is larger and suitable for young consumers. They play games and watch videos. This series of mobile phones usually carry new technologies developed by HUAWEI. They can bring more new experiences. The latest version of the V series mobile phone is the V30. V30 was released in November 2019. It positions itself as “5G benchmark is more than fast”. It integrates many cutting-edge technologies.


HONOR X Series

HONOR X Series Position themselves as super-power technology. It has the highest quality and cost performance. It carries more black technology. The X series is similar to the V series. All aspects of performance are lower than that of V series. The latest model in the X series is the X10. It went public in May 2020. It has Kirin 820 processor. It owns 5G dual mode and 6.63 full screen. It has 40 million high photosensitive imaging system. It also has 4300mAh large battery.


HONOR Play series phones have built-in GPU Turbo technology. They focus on the high-performance gaming mobile phone market. The latest product is HONOR Paly 4. It went public in June 2020. Its CPU uses Tianji 800.

HONOR Changwan Series

This series of phones belong to HONOR’s low-end products. The appearance design and overall configuration are relatively common. The price is relatively low. It is sufficient for users to do daily communication. Yet some people like to play games and have high requirements on phone performance. It is not suitable for those users.

The above is the overall introduction of the existing HONOR phone series. Maybe you are looking to buy an HONOR mobile phone. You can check out more models on HONOR smartphones official store in UK. You can choose and buy from them.


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