What are Instagram hashtags? Most Trending Hashtags on Instagram


Instagram hashtags may make or break your marketing approach on Instagram. If you use them correctly, more people who are likely to be interested in your items or business will notice your posts.

However, if you use the incorrect hashtag, you risk irritating potential followers and being penalized by Instagram's algorithm. To use hashtags on Instagram effectively, you must have a thorough understanding of how they function and a well-developed approach.


What are Instagram hashtags?

A hashtag is a string of characters, numbers, and/or emoji prefixed by the symbol # (for example, #NoFilter). They are used to classify content and increase its discoverability.

Hashtags can be clicked on. Anyone who clicks on an Instagram hashtag or conducts a hashtag search on Instagram will be directed to a page displaying all posts tagged with that hashtag.


Hashtags are crucial for expanding your Instagram audience and increasing your reach. When you include a hashtag in a post, it will be displayed on the page for that hashtag. If you include a hashtag in your Story, it may be included in the hashtag-specific Story, which also appears on the hashtag page.

People can also select to follow hashtags, so your hashtagged post could appear in their feed even if they don't follow you (yet).

Hashtags on Instagram may be a terrific approach to developing an online community that encourages people to participate with your brand. As an illustration, Nike Los Angeles utilized the #playinside hashtag to highlight locals engaging in physical activity in their homes in 2020, when the manner people exercised unexpectedly shifted.

What are Instagram hashtags? Most Trending Hashtags on Instagram

Top Instagram hashtags These are the top 50 hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #love (1.835B)
  2. #instagood (1.150B)
  3. #fashion (812.7M)
  4. #photooftheday (797.3M)
  5. #beautiful (661.0M)
  6. #art (649.9M)
  7. #photography (583.1M)
  8. #happy (578.8M)
  9. #picoftheday (570.8M)
  10. #cute (569.1M)
  11. #follow (560.9M)
  12. #tbt (536.4M)
  13. #followme (528.5M)
  14. #nature (525.7M)
  15. #like4like (515.6M)
  16. #travel (497.3M)
  17. #instagram (482.6M)
  18. #style (472.3M)
  19. #repost (471.4M)
  20. #summer454.2M
  21. #instadaily (444.0M)
  22. #selfie (422.6M)
  23. #me (420.3M)
  24. #friends (396.7M)
  25. #fitness (395.8M)
  26. #girl (393.8M)
  27. #food (391.9M)
  28. #fun (385.6M)
  29. #beauty (382.8M)
  30. #instalike (374.6M)
  31. #smile (364.5M)
  32. #family (357.7M)
  33. #photo (334.6M)
  34. #life (334.5M)
  35. #likeforlike (328.2M)
  36. #music (316.1M)
  37. #ootd (308.2M)
  38. #follow4follow (290.6M)
  39. #makeup (285.3M)
  40. #amazing (277.5M)
  41. #igers (276.5M)
  42. #nofilter (268.9M)
  43. #dog (264.0M)
  44. #model (254.7M)
  45. #sunset (249.8M)
  46. #beach (246.8M)
  47. #instamood (238.1M)
  48. #foodporn (229.4M)
  49. #motivation (229.1M)
  50. #followforfollow (227.9M)

Popular Instagram Hashtag Types

Instagram divides hashtags into nine main categories:

Hashtags for services or products

These are the most fundamental keywords to define your goods or service, such as #handbag or #divebar.

Niche hashtags

These are a bit more precise, indicating your position within your sector, for as #travelblogger or #foodblogger.

Industry-Specific Instagram Hashtags

On Instagram, communities exist, and these hashtags help you locate and join them. Think #gardenersofinstagram or #craftersofinstgram

Event-Specific or Seasonal hashtags

These may allude to actual holidays or seasons, such as #summerdays, or to National [Thing] Day celebrations, such as #nationalicecreamday and #nationalnailpolishday.

Location hashtags

Even if you geotag your Instagram post, it can be beneficial to include a location-specific hashtag, such as #vancouvercraftbeer or #londoneats.

What are Instagram hashtags? Most Trending Hashtags on Instagram

Daily hashtags

Every day has its own hashtags, beginning with #MondayBlues and ending with #SundayFunday. If you're looking for a convenient source of hashtags to include in your postings, we've compiled a comprehensive list of everyday hashtags.

Relevant hashtags for phrases

These hashtags mix characteristics of product, specialized, and community hashtags. Essentially, these are Instagram hashtags that users use to connect to existing communities in a slightly exclusive manner, such as #amwriting and #shewhowanders.

Acronym hashtags

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) is arguably the most popular acronym hashtag. Other common hashtags include #OOTD, #FBF, and #YOLO.

Emoji hashtags

These hashtags may consist of emojis by themselves, such as #????, or words or phrases with emojis added, such as #sunglasses????


Then, rather than having to remember the hashtags or hunt for new ones for each post, you may select a few hashtags to use each time. This also allows you to examine the content that has already been posted with these hashtags, allowing you to avoid the aforementioned errors.

Remember that any hashtag you use on Instagram must be relevant to the post's content and should not be overused. Do not paste your entire stored list into each post.