What Are Bloaters in The Last of Us Series?

The Last of Us series features a wide variety of infected individuals, from the fast-moving Runners to the dangerous Clickers. Joel and Ellie’s mission to find the Fireflies puts them to the test with each form’s unique skills.

But, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering, what are Bloaters in The Last of Us on HBO? Here’s what you need to know about this dangerous threat to humankind.

What Are Bloaters in the Last of Us?

Bloaters are big zombies that show up in episode 5 of The Last of Us. We see one and a lot of infected people come up from under Kansas City. The creature is tall, very strong, and covered in Cordyceps armour plates that look like the heads of Clickers.

Bloaters take years to grow if you are close to a lot of spores for a long time. In the thriller series, when the infected are forced underground, they gather in large groups, which become the Bloaters.

We only see one, but we can assume there are more waiting in the tunnels, like the sinkhole in episode 4, for an opening. They can’t see, just like Clickers, and they are just as mean.

Some places in cities are sure to have a lot of them, which makes them even more dangerous. Another reason why Joel is right to not follow the crowds.

What Bloaters Do in HBO’s “The Last of Us”?

Bloaters are caused by being infected for a long time and are usually very big. Not only are they strong, but they can also throw dangerous fungus bombs and take more than one hit because their skin is like armour. But because Bloaters are so big, they usually move slowly, which makes them easier to kill.

These monsters use the same echolocation skill as the Clickers to find and catch their prey. When fighting these enemies, you have to use dangerous tools, like a bomb or a molotov cocktail, to get through its skin. Also, this type is the fourth stage of the infection process. Runners are the first stage after someone has been infected for a short time.

What Are Bloaters

Lastly, Bloaters are in the same class as Shamblers, which are another type of creature that usually lives in areas with water.

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