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Monsters come in our imagination or mind when we go through books, movies, television shows and even when we hear stories from our grandmother, how a man becomes a wolf in the moonlight and does not remember what he is and behaves like a monster. In some movies, you have already seen how a person turned into Werewolf and harm other people.

In our society, we also heard about monsters which we mostly saw on Tv and how dangerous they look when they turned into wolves. Having long nails and a frightening face that seems to look like it suddenly kills you creates horror in you.

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Now Let Us Watch the Official Trailer of Bloodthirsty Horror Werewolf Movie 2021

According to you, will the bloodthirsty movie be horror to you? How a girl thinks, tastes blood and later on she becomes a complete wolf and also kills people.

You and I think that monsters create fear, anxieties and many more in society due to our imagination power. These characters allow curiosity among us to watch such series, movies which are liked by most of us.

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Top 8 New Werewolf Movies Which You Can Watch

Bloodthirsty- Horror, Mystery

The story revolves around a girl – Grey(indie pop singer), who gets an invitation to work with famous music producer Vaughn Daniels after her first album gets hit. Grey and her music producer with her girlfriend Charlie arrive at his mansion to begin the work. As her work goes on and demanding vocalist singer, she begins to hunger for raw meat. As her appetites changes and she used to eat raw meat due to which her body shows changes, then she begins to find out who she really is.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow – Comedy, Horror, Thriller

In the Wolf of Snow Hollow bodies turned up after each full moon in his small mountain town and a stressed out police officer struggles not to give up the situation.

Eight for Silver- Horror

In rural 19 th century France, a small village was threatened by supernatural problems and then a pathologist, named John McBride came to that town to investigate what happened and exercise some of his own demons.

I am Lisa– Horror

Liza was murdered by a sadistic- a small town sheriff and her underlings. She was left dead in the woods and bitten by WereWolf and gifted with supernatural abilities, can Lisa take revenge or retain her humanity?

Zombies 2

In Zombies 2 Addison wants to give equal opportunities and eliminate the differences in the community as she noticed that her zombie students are not treated equally by her human friends.

Hunter’s Moon

In Hunter Moon, a sheriff when called to an orchard he makes a strange discovery when 3 sisters are attacked by a band of young offenders.

Among the Shadows

A private detective who wants to unravel the conspiracy behind her uncle’s murder as she comes from a long line of werewolves.

A Werewolf in England

In this a Parish Councillor and criminal comes to take rest at a remote countryside, being unaware of flesh-hungry werewolves who are ready to feed him.

Last Lines

You can also read out and watch more werewolf movies in which there is a lot of horror, thrill and in some comedy is also present. I have also given some latest movies which you can watch. I hope you like the article and want to know more related things. You can also watch many more werewolf movies on Netflix.

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