Wentworth Season 9: Will the Wentworth Prison TV Drama Comes in 2021?

Wentworth season 9

Will the Australia television drama- Wentworth season 9 come at the end of September on Netflix? Can you see new things in Season 9? What will you expect to happen in season 9 of Wentworth which is the most popular international show available on Fox Showcase and then later on Netflix?

Wentworth is the best prison drama on Netflix and right now it is available on Netflix. Fans are excited to know and watch Wentworth season 9 as compared to Orange is the New Black, still it is one of the easily watched and popular show developed by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam taken from the Reg Watson’s original concept.

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Wentworth is also named as Wentworth Prison in several countries like New Zealand and the UK as the series was picked and also famous in other countries.

Wentworth season focuses on Bea Smith’s (Danille Cormack) who went to prison after murdering her husband and the series shows how her life in prison goes on and how Bea’s rise herself to the top of the prison’s hierarchy.

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Wentworth Season 9 Release Date

Wentworth season 9

As there is no official release date announced for Season 9. Before the release on Netflix as assumed to be in the end of September as Season 8 has, the series first airs in Australia then in other countries or on US Netflix.

Hopefully, we are expecting that season will come and air in summer’s of 2021 in Australia and then after completing all episodes it will be added on Netflix at the end of September 2021.

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It is not confirmed that the series particularly airs in September on Netflix as the premiere date is not confirmed yet. So we are also expecting that season 9 will come in July and August.

We will definitely tell you when the official release date or other information about season 9 of Wentworth comes out.

Cast Members of Wentworth Season 9

Wentworth season 9

As season 9 of Wentworth is set to be the final Season after running 8 seasons which is good for a show. We can expect these cast will be seen in Season 9-

  • Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett
  • Katrina Milosevic as Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins
  • Robbie Magasiva as Will Jackson
  • Jacqueline Brennan as Linde Miles
  • Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson
  • Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak
  • Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart
  • Lucia Brancatisano as Officer Peta Webb
  • Rarriwuy Hick as Ruby Mitchell
  • Susie Porter as Marie Winter
  • Leah Purcell as Rita Connors
  • David de Lautour as Dr. Greg Miller
  • Kate box as Lou Kelly
  • Zoe Terakes as Reb Keane
  • Jane Hall as Ann Reynolds
  • Vivienne Awosoga as Judy Bryant
  • Louisa Mignone as Zaina Saad
  • Jenny Vuletic as Mandy Frost
  • Brian Vriends as Dr. Mendel
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Sheila Bausch
  • Katherine Tonkin as Jacqui Wyatt
  • Tawni Bryant as Prue
  • Tina Bursill as Eve Wilder
  • Damien Fotiou as Detective Puzo
  • Jye Hawley as Officer 3
  • Sachin Joab as Dr. Vince
  • Leigh Scully as NSO Agent
  • Sasha Hennequin as Protection Inmate

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Plot of Season 9 Wentworth

We all know that it will be the last Season of Wentworth so its shows the ending of Wentworth after continuing the last season 8 end. We think that many things will be disclosed in this final seasons but will have less dramatic twists and turns.

So it is interesting to know who will end with whom in the final season after its release.

What do you think about the plot of season 9? Does it have a different story to continue or starts from the end of Season 9? Give your suggestions in the comment box what should be the plot for season 9 according to you if you were a writer of this series.

Wentworth season 9

Related Questions Asked By People-

How many seasons of Wentworth are there?

Until this time there are 8 seasons of Wentworth having 90 episodes in total are available to you. Season 8 of Wentworth was added in September 2020 to Netflix after releasing full episodes of season 8 in July and August.

Is there a season 9 of Wentworth?

You can watch Season 9 of Wentworth in coming months in 2021 as the series is renewed but there is no particular release date confirmed for this season 9.

How many episodes are in Wentworth season 9?

It may be assumed that it also has 10 episodes like all previous seasons of Wentworth. So it is good for you to watch the 10 new episodes of the final and last season when it will be released.

When is Wentworth season 9 filming?

According to some sources, production of season 9 is already wrapped in late summers which is good news to viewers of this show but when it will be released is not confirmed and all are predicting when it will happen is somewhat confusing to all of you.

Ratings of Wentworth season 8 All Episodes

You can see per Episode Rating of Season 8 and know which episode of Season 8 is best.

According to me episode 10 of Season 8 is the best as it has given 9.2 ratings on IMDB.(1)


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