What is Relationship Status of Wentworth Miller: is He Married or Single?

Wentworth Miller is an American screenwriter and actor. In 2005, he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Actor for his work in “Prison Break,” for which he is best known. He has received several important honors.

Who could resist Wentworth’s allure? Unfortunately for all the girls out there, Wentworth is a homosexual and you must all step away! And he has been associated with a number of attractive men. We will tell you everything about Wentworth’s romantic relationships.

Who is Wentworth Miller’s Boyfriend?

After coming out as Gay, the American actor Miller apparently bonded with Luke Macfarlane, per the source. Therefore, Wentworth Miller dates Luke MacFarlane, who is best known for portraying Scotty Wandell on Brothers and Sisters on ABC. It connected Miller to the actor Kristoffer Cusick and the photographer Mark Liddel from Hollywood.


Neither actor has investigated allegations of their romantic relationship, although they were initially apprehensive that their sexual orientation might affect their careers. Macfarlane remarked in an interview in 2008 that he was uncertain about his professional future. Only That causes his anxiety, but he assumes he is unconcerned with what will occur in the future because that is the reality of his natural life.

As a result, Miller’s dating history is likely of interest to Wentworth’s admirers, who have followed him since his Prison Break cameo.

Dating History

The American actor Wentworth Miller has kept his dating past confidential but has left it open to speculation. It would instantly connect him with that individual anytime he was with another individual.

Wentworth Miller and Luke Mcfarlane Relationship

The British actor Wentworth Miller was candid with Luke Macfarlane earlier in 2007. As a result, the Canadian actor’s friendship with Miller drew greater attention and became the celebrity news of the day.

Wentworth Miller Relationship

The couple dated quietly for almost six months before making their public debut. Luke came out as gay during an interview with The Globe & Mail on 15 April 2008. Consequently, their relationship was short-lived, and it terminated the following year, in 2008.

Wentworth Miller and Luke Mcfarlane Relationship (Rumored)

The Prison Break actor has never discussed his personal life in detail. However, he has been in a public relationship with Canadian actor Thomas Luke Macfarlane since 2007. MacFarlane is well-known for his role as Scotty Wandell on “Brothers and Sisters” on ABC. MacFarlane has portrayed distinct characters in a variety of film genres.

He revealed his romance with the American actor in 2008, followed by Miller in 2013. Although Wentworth Miller has dated other celebrities, his relationship with Luke MacFarlane has been the most prominent. According to a source close to the pair, they had been dating in private for approximately six months prior to MacFarlane’s announcement; he was concerned about the impact of their relationship on his work.

Wentworth Miller Relationship

However, rumors circulated that Wentworth Miller was involved with the actors Kristoffer Cusick and Mark Liddell. Recently, the actor became a trendy topic as parodies regarding his weight gain went viral. The Prison Star later revealed his struggles with mental health and sadness. In addition, these photographs of his weight loss were taken a year ago, when he was at his lowest point.

Present Relationship Status of Wentworth Miller (2022)

Wentworth Miller is currently single and not dating anyone as of 2022. Wentworth will reach the age of 50. According to Source of Celebrity Couples, the Prison Break actor has been in five relationships but has never been engaged.


Therefore, in decline, it is possible to declare that Wentworth Miller is still single, although he has appeared with his boyfriend in the past. In addition, we will notify you if any information is updated soon.