Welcome to Wrexham Season 2: When Can We Anticipate Season 2 to Be Released?


Welcome to Wrexham is the story of two friends who scrape together money to buy a football team in Wales that is having a hard time.

Okay, the two friends are successful actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, so “scrape” might be a bit of a stretch. The rest is true, though. They did buy Wrexham A.F.C., a Welsh football team that plays in the fifth division of English football. In our preview, we called season one a “real-life Ted Lasso,” and after the first 18 episodes, we were left wanting more.


Luckily, that is what we are getting. Not long after the season one finale aired, Reynolds and McElhenney said that a second season would definitely happen and was already being made. So read about what to expect and when they go to Hulu (or Disney Plus outside the U.S. if you don't have it) and watch the whole first season in one sitting if you haven't already.

When Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Will Come Out?

At the moment, we don't know when Welcome to Wrexham season 2 will come out, but Rob McElhenney has said that it will be on TV in 2023.


The next part of Welcome to Wrexham will cover the 2022–23 season, which started in August 2022 and will end in May 2023. Welcome to Wrexham's first season came out in August 2022, so it makes sense that season 2 will come out in August 2023.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Welcome to Wrexham Season 2?

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will, of course, be back for season 2 of Welcome to Wrexham. Even though they are working on Marvel movies and shows like Mythic Quest season 3, they have a lot to do at Wrexham.

Welcome to Wrexham season 2

Humphrey Ker is also coming back. He is a good friend of Reynolds and McElhenney and acts as their point of contact in Wrexham. As Executive Director, he also helps run the club. Phil Parkinson will also be back in charge of the team. He didn't get Wrexham promoted last year, but he still kept his job (for now).

And, of course, the players will play a big part. So “super” players like Paul Mullin, Ollie Palmer, and Jordan Davies will be back on the field and behind the scenes.

What Will Happen in Welcome to Wrexham Season 2?

Like the first season, Welcome to Wrexham season 2 will be about what happens on and off the field during the 2022–23 football season for Wrexham AFC.

Wrexham is currently in the National League, which is the fifth level of English football. They've been there since 2008 and want to move up as soon as possible. We don't know yet if manager Phil Parkinson and the players will reach that goal, though, because the season is still going on.

Welcome to Wrexham season 2

But it's not just about the people on the field. In the first season of Welcome to Wrexham, the show shines a light on the people of Wrexham and the bigger issues that affect the city and the club. We think that season 2 will do the same thing and show the human side of the football.

That's why the show is so good. It's a lot like the Apple TV Plus show Ted Lasso in many ways, but Welcome to Wrexham is about the people, which is what football is all about.

Is There Any Trailer for Welcome to Wrexham Season 2?

As we know there is no official announcement on Welcome to Wrexham Season 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for season first of Welcome to Wrexham below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Welcome to Wrexham Have a Second Season?

Reynolds said in a video posted to Twitter, “We can also confirm that there will be a second season of Welcome to Wrexham for our millions of new fans.” The first season was over when Wrexham's 2021/22 season ended with a sad loss to Grimsby Town in a playoff semifinal, 5-4.

How Many Episodes Will There Be of Welcome to Wrexham?

Fans loved the 18-episode documentary, and many of them want a second season to see where the football club goes next.