Wednesday Season 2’s Release Date Was Announced by Netflix. Who Could Return to Season 2?

Wednesday has become one of Netflix‘s most popular shows of all time, and now we know for sure that it will be back for a second season. Here’s what we know so far about season 2 of Wednesday, including the latest news about when the show will start filming again, what the story will be like, and who will be back.

Wednesday was one of the Netflix shows that people were most excited to see in 2022. Tim Burton, who directed his first TV show on Wednesday, was attached to the project as both a producer and a director, which helped.

Not only that but when Netflix showed the first picture of Jenna Ortega dressed as the famous Wednesday Addams, fans were even more excited. Wednesday blew away everyone’s expectations and is turning out to be one of Netflix’s most popular Originals ever, not just one of the biggest of 2022.

By that time, though, it was no longer a secret that the show had been picked up for another season. A writer’s room had reportedly been opened, and there had been a lot of hints during the Christmas season.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who are in charge of the show, said, “It’s been amazing to make a show that has touched people all over the world. We’re thrilled to continue Wednesday’s hard journey into season two.”

We can’t wait to dive right into another season of Nevermore and learn more about its weird and scary world. Just have to make sure that Wednesday hasn’t already drained the pool.” The show will be back for a second season, Netflix said on January 6.

When is Wednesday Season 2 Coming Out?

Wednesday, Netflix released a video on Twitter announcing the renewal of its second season. If the new season follows the same production schedule as the first, we estimate that filming and post-production will take another 12 to 14 months, putting the release of the second season in the middle of 2024.

wednesday season 2 release date

Yes, it’s quite a long wait, but stay tuned for the most recent information on Wednesday Season 2’s release date. And in the interim, why not watch (or rewatch) the first season, which is currently exclusive to Netflix?

Who Could Return for Wednesday Season 2?

It’s impossible that Wednesday and her right-hand man Thing wouldn’t be back for season two, so it’s no surprise that Ortega is reprising her role as part of the announcement.

The guy who almost liked Wednesday Percy Hynes White will be back to play Xavier Thorpe in season two. Even though he was turned down, the poor guy may have a chance now that Tyler is out of the picture.

Or isn’t it? When we last saw Wednesday’s sort-of-boyfriend-turned-villain, he was in jail, but something tells us that the guttural growl he let out at the end of season one could lead to his escape. If that’s the case, we have no doubt that Hunter Doohan will put on his Hyde skin again for season two.

We think the following will round out the season two cast of Wednesday:

  • Emma Myers plays Enid Sinclair
  • Joy Sunday plays Bianca Barclay
  •  George Farmer plays Ajax Pertroplus
  •  Naomi J. Ogawa plays Yoko Tanaka
  •  Jamie McShane plays Sheriff Donovan Galpin
  • Luis Guzmán plays Gomaz Addams
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia Addams
  • Isaac Ordonez plays Pugsley Addams
  •  Fred Armisen plays Uncle Fester.

What Could the Second Season of Wednesday Be About?

The plot of Wednesday is based on the original Addams Family story and is woven into a murder mystery, making it a whodunit in the gothic noir style. The first season is all about Wednesday as a teen.

It shows how she changes from a closed-off, self-centered teen to one who slowly opens up to friendship and love and helps her friends find a stalker and monster called Hyde, just like in the story by Robert Louis Stevenson. We won’t give away too much, but here’s how the first season sets up the second:

In the last episode of the first season, Hyde is caught, but it seems likely that he will get away from the police. But a stalker makes themselves known. This is clear from the creepy text messages that were sent to Wednesday as she was leaving school.

wednesday season 2 release date

She thought that finding Hyde would be the end of all her problems, just like in the novel she’s been writing since the beginning of the series. But now she knows that it’s just the beginning.

Wednesday Season 2 is expected to pick up two years after the first season ended. This would give the show time to finish filming. We also hope that her family, especially Morticia, and Gomez, will be shown more in the new season.

This will help us learn more about Wednesday’s past. In an interview, the showrunners said more about what to expect in the second season.

“We wanna sort of explore and sort of complicate all of those relationships going forward. The school was closed when they left, which gave us the most possibilities for season two, and I think that’s something that we’re excited to explore. For us, the show also is really about this female friendship, with Wednesday and Enid really being at the center of that. The fact that they really connected with audiences, it has been really gratifying. So, we’re excited to explore now that Wednesday’s dipped her toe into the friendship pool, what’s that gonna look like? It’s like, she hugged. That was her big arc for the season, right? So it’s like now, we do that. Then, the other thing that’s really interesting is to continue to explore the Wednesday-Morticia mother-daughter relationship as well, which now that Morticia knows about the power, it has given her sort of an idea of how that’s going to go. How is their relationship going to evolve?”

Wednesday Season 2 Trailer

Netflix’s official announcement video is the only proof that Wednesday will have a second season. With the popular goth’s face breaking into a half-smirk, half-smile, “more torture” is promised, and you’ll love it just as much as she does.

Watch the clip, and stay tuned for the latest teaser or trailer, which will be added here as soon as it comes out.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Wednesday Season 2?

The first season of “Wednesday” had eight episodes, and each one was about an hour long. So, the second season is likely to be the same and have eight episodes that are each about an hour long.

There’s also a chance that Season 1’s success could lead to more episodes, which is something that often happens with TV shows.


Wednesday has been picked up for a second season, with filming and post-production expected to take another 12-14 months, putting the release date in the middle of 2024. Who could return for Wednesday Season 2?

Wednesday is returning for season two, with Ortega reprising her role and Percy Hynes White playing Xavier Thorpe. Wednesday Season 2 is expected to pick up two years after the first season and explore the Wednesday-Morticia mother-daughter relationship. It is likely to have eight episodes and may lead to more episodes if successful.

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