When Will The Series WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork Premiere on Apple TV+?

WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork is a streaming television miniseries in the United States based on Wondery’s podcast. It will be available on Apple TV+ on March 18, 2022. The series stars Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. A segment from the series aired at South by Southwest on March 12, 2022.

The Neumanns’ connection, according to WeCrashed co-creators Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crivello, was not only crucial to WeWork’s founding but also helps separate their tale from that of other failed firms. Neumann’s sales abilities as a serial entrepreneur are obvious from the start.

But he hadn’t yet achieved success with the things he was selling. The idea for WeWork didn’t come about until Rebekah advised him to establish a business out of his happiest experience, the sense of community he felt in a kibbutz.

WeCrashed Plot


A new Apple TV+ series delves into a dramatized retelling of Adam Neumann’s rise and fall. Neumann, a self-described serial entrepreneur, co-founded and served as the CEO of WeWork, which he co-founded with Miguel McKelvey in 2010. In 2019, the corporation was valued at $47 billion.

However, in less than a year, its value plummeted. Neumann and his wife Rebekah were compelled to resign and relinquish their company ownership when a proposed IPO revealed severe financial troubles. The eight-hour, eight-episode series is equal parts love story and contemporary workplace drama with a shot of black comedy.

It highlights the present preoccupation with start-ups, unicorns, and the rapid growth of entrepreneurs. It is adapted from the podcast WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork. Neumann has a lot of weird ideas, like women’s collapsible high-heeled shoes.

Hosting a terrace party is one of his quick-money ideas, and it’s there that he meets yoga instructor Rebekah. He follows her till she finally gives in. That’s how he works: he wears down his prey. He spots their Achilles Heel and gnaws at it until they can’t stand it anymore.


WeCrashed is the classic rise and fall story of a maverick, a magician, a unicorn who ran out of luck, and a husband and wife fueled by hubris. Neumann’s aide makes sure the volume is turned up to blast Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ before he enters the office.

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They are inebriated. It’s a good thing it’s Monday parties. The complaints of female workers are dismissed by Rebekah and Adam. The WeWork office smells like Rebekah’s fake religiosity, with a dash of testosterone and macho in the air. Rebekah and Neumann enter their workplace with the grace of rock stars.

When Neumann inverts the letters WE to read ME, it’s a telling scene. When he needs money, he travels to India to make a proposal to Softbank’s CEO. One of the show’s cringe moments is a 10-second Bollywood dance performance as part of a presentation at the start-up event.

WeCrashed Cast

  • Adam Neumann, a co-founder of WeWork, is played by Jared Leto.
  • Rebekah Neumann, Adam’s wife, is played by Anne Hathaway.
  • Miguel McKelvey, the co-founder of WeWork, is played by Kyle Marvin.
  • Elishia Kennedy is played by America Ferrera.
  • Cameron Lautner is played by O. T. Fagbenle.
  • Jacob is played by Theo Stockman.
  • Bruce Dunlevie is played by Anthony Edwards.
  • Matthew is played by Steven Boyer.
  • Masayoshi is played by Eui-sung Kim.
  • Cricket Brown plays Chloe Morgan Campbell’s son. Jamie Dimon (Scott)
  • Scott Galloway is played by Kelly AuCoin.


Jared Leto gives a powerful performance as the Israeli originator of the real estate/co-working craze, ranging from desperation to invincibility, compassion to insolence, infantile behaviour to arrogance, while never losing sight of the hustle.

Anne Hathaway plays Rebekah, who lives in the shadow of her much more famous cousin Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as Adam and serves as his cliché-spewing spiritual advisor, assisting him in realizing his dreams and goals. ‘You are a supernova,’ Rebekah reminds Adam, who was famed for wandering about barefoot in public.

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Both performers fully immerse themselves in their roles, including tonal shifts, accents, and other details. With a unicorn wandering across the frames of the opening credits, Neumann is a man of excesses, and so is this show, which doesn’t shy away from satire or absurdity.

There’s more going on here than delusion. Corporate governance and ethics are completely disregarded. WeCrashed like many other tales of crumbling bubbles is an intriguing portrait of our times.

WeCrashed Release Date

After Lee Eisenberg secured a multi-year overall contract with Apple in February 2020. It was rumoured that a drama series based on the WeWork narrative was in the works. It was started in December 2020 that Apple TV+ has put the series into development, with Jared Leto in discussions to star.

The following month, an eight-episode series order was handed to the project, with Leto set to feature opposite Anne Hathaway; both will act as executive producers. Kyle Marvin was cast in the major role of Miguel McKelvey, another WeWork co-founder, in April 2021.

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In July 2021, America Ferrera was added to the cast. T. Fagbenle was cast in a recurring part in December 2021. Theo Stockman was cast in a recurring role in December 2021, and Anthony Edwards was cast in February 2022.

On March 18, 2022, the series premiered on Apple TV+. On March 12, 2022, the series’ pilot episode was screened at SXSW for the first time. Apple TV+ now has three episodes available. On Fridays, new episodes are released.


WeCrashed, a new Apple TV+ show, is a glossy, dramatic recreation of the controversial story of WeWork, a well-funded coworking space business that lost billions in investor money. The show was inspired by the same-named Wondery podcast, which provided a realistic account of the WeWork tale with expert interviews and audio samples from those who were present.

WeCrashed: The Companion Podcast, now in its second season, produces a new episode to accompany each new episode of the Apple TV+ show. Each episode is broken down by host Scott Galloway, who provides incisive analysis, more expert interviews, and even more behind-the-scenes details regarding the biggest rise and fall in company history.