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Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date

By Linda Mercer

Millions of people have been captivated by Yellowstone ever since the television series premiered.

Release Date

Ideally, Paramount would make the official Season 6 renewal announcement at the mid-season break of Season 5 or close to the season finale.

Expected Cast

Josh Lucas, who plays the younger John Dutton, Kyle Red Silverstein, who portrays the younger Rip, and Kylie Rogers are some familiar names that might make a return in the series (playing the younger version of Beth).


Finn Little might be seen as the more experienced Carter, who has undergone significant change since January. He seems to have aged quite a bit between seasons 4 and 5, therefore we anticipate a time jump to demonstrate that.


Fans cannot analyze teasers or trailers for hints about what will happen next. You can watch the trailer for previous season here.

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